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Planning a Vintage Wedding? Go All Out.

Vintage weddings are so beautiful, and are often a welcome break from the fast-paced nature of modern living. When guests attend a perfectly executed vintage wedding, they’re transported to a time of grace and elegance – the perfect atmosphere for a wedding. Setting the tone for your vintage wedding is important, and that’s why you need to go all out.

vintage wedding

The easiest way to do this is to focus on a specific time period, and do your best to emulate this in your wedding. And we’re not just talking about the décor, of course, but even the activities involved, and of course, the dress code. For example, if you wanted a less serious and more laid-back wedding, you could plan it around the iconic 50s – time when people were just starting to let loose and be a bit more fun. Fashion-wise, your guests are sure to appreciate being able to dress in fashionable soda fountain dresses, which have actually come back in style. It makes it easier for them to find outfits that they can wear to your wedding without having to scour vintage shops.


In keeping with the theme, you could also plan a game of bingo, or incorporate the game in your décor. Although reports from the BBC and Free Bingo Hunter have reported that the online version of the game has boomed, resulting in hundreds of bingo portals in the UK alone, the game first saw popularity in the 50s, before dying down some in the 60s. Let your guests play some Wedding Speech Bingo, or use vintage bingo sets to decorate your tables and make seating cards.

You could also throw your guests back into the 50s with the experience of a vintage soda fountain. While having one installed at your reception can be a bit expensive, you can find DIY ways to recreate the experience for only a fraction of the cost. Decorate soda bottles with your color palette, and set aside a table where your guests can put together their own floats.

You can take a look at our vintage wedding reception ideas for some more tips on how to create that perfect vintage feel with different themes like country and the great outdoors.

DIY vintage wedding reception

Over the last few years vintage style is becoming increasingly popular with wedding planners, and it continues to play a major role in the aesthetics of many modern nuptials. Whether it features in the dress design, the location or the food, this is a beautiful and traditional way to celebrate your big day. Creatively themed vintage weddings are fun and nostalgic, they provide unforgettable memories and can be based on any concept that appeals to you as a couple. lace_wedding_gown

In summer a popular choice is the open air themed wedding, this can be staged in a marquee, but should include an outdoor dancing area that’s well lit – homemade tin can lanterns or pretty LED lights are ideal. Balloons have fallen out of favor with some couples, but the oversized pastel varieties are now widely available and offer the ultimate in fairytale chic. To save money on seating at an outdoor vintage wedding, throw some floral fabric over bales of hay and provide blankets for guests to snuggle up in if the weather turns breezy.

Shabby chic is a theme which never dates and gives a real sense of timelessness to your photographs. Think white shutters on the windows, garlands of roses and vintage china plates. You can search through thrift shops for unusual crockery to delight your guests and fill milk jugs with flowers to provide each table with a center piece. If you have a large number of people arriving, help them get organized by displaying the seating plan in chalk on a blackboard; it’s a simple, practical idea and far less formal than having people shown to their seats.

If the great outdoors holds a special place in your heart, you may want to have a rustic themed vintage wedding that shows off your love of the wilderness. Use sprigs of evergreen as part of the place settings and send invitations that include an ordinance survey map with the location marked. Many rustic wedding celebrations are held in a barn which lends the proceedings a bohemian edge, especially if it is decorated using handmade leaf buntings and camping lanterns to provide a warm glow.

Country themed weddings suit couples who have an alternative take on life; the dress code is often very relaxed and there is a distinctly fun feel to the ceremony. To personalize your chosen location, try making the signposts yourself with some old wood and white paint. Use bouquets made from wild flowers and have an alternative method of transport, like a horse and cart, to arrive in true country style.   Use clear glass jam jars to hold flowers, and blue or pink ribbon to differential between men’s or women’s seats.

Half the fun of a themed DIY vintage wedding is had at the planning stage, you get to search through bargain shops for obscure items and then transform them into something beautiful and artistic for your special day. When you look back in years to come you’ll always have the pleasure of knowing that your wedding was a one off, designed the way you wanted it and utterly unique.