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How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Reception

You have found the perfect dress, you have a theme in mind for the wedding, and the vacation brochures are stacked up on the coffee table to help you book the most romantic honeymoon in the world, ever. But what about the reception – have you thought about where you are going to hold the wedding reception?

No matter how tight the budget, every bride and groom deserves a decent party after they have said their vows. It is traditional to celebrate a wedding with a gathering for family and friends. Of course not everyone can afford to have the reception immediately after the wedding. Some couples choose to have a very low-key ceremony followed by a reception weeks or even months after the event, perhaps because they got married abroad, away from family and friends. But irrespective of when you decide to organize a wedding reception, the location for the event is very important. So if you are thinking about this right now, there are a few ideas to inspire you.

Hotel Banqueting Suite

Hotels are traditionally a great place to hold a wedding reception. Depending on your budget, you will have a choice of anything from a small, family run hotel to an international 5* chain in one of the world’s top cities. Booking a banqueting suite within a Los Angeles hotel means you have everything on hand: food, accommodation and, usually, entertainment. You should have your pick of venues if you are able to organize your wedding reception well in advance, but even if you leave it until the last minute, there will always be somewhere with an available room if you are not too fussy.

Historic Building

For a wedding reception with a Downton Abbey theme, look at booking a historic building or stately home for your wedding reception. Photo opportunities will be fantastic if you are able to find a suitably grand building. You may even be able to combine the wedding and reception at the same venue if it has a wedding license in place. You will probably need to plan this one in advance, however, as the best venues are usually booked up many months ahead.

Beach Resort

Fancy a relaxed wedding reception where guests can enjoy the sunshine and sea? If you combine a honeymoon and wedding reception, you have all corners covered. It doesn’t get much more romantic than a 5* beach resort somewhere exotic like the Maldives or U.S. Virgin Islands. It will be pretty expensive, though, so be prepared to save up a lot of cash in order to pay for everything.

Museum or Art Gallery

Museums and art galleries make quirky and stylish venues for a wedding reception. Lots of museums and galleries now off function rooms for hire, and for a wedding reception with a difference, this is definitely one to consider. Imagine how amazing it would be to toast your friends and family with some awesome exhibits as an interesting backdrop. Your guests can have fun and learn a few things at the same time.

Local Bar

For a more low-key wedding reception, a function room within your local bar is the perfect choice. Since you are likely to choose somewhere you are familiar with, it will feel like a home from home. Invite your friends and family and enjoy a more intimate gathering. And if you are a regular, you might even be offered a significant discount on the hire costs.

At Home

What could be more relaxing than organizing a celebratory wedding reception party at home – you don’t need to travel anywhere and once the party is over, you can kick off your shoes and go to sleep in your own bed. This probably won’t work if you don’t have a big garden, but if there is plenty of room, hire a marquee, caterers and entertainment, and look forward to a fabulous party. Or, if you don’t have much money available to spend on a wedding reception, ask everyone to bring a dish or have a BBQ in the garden. It will just as enjoyable.

Wedding receptions do taken a fair amount of organization. To avoid any last minute hiccups, start planning your reception nice and early, and if you have your heart set on a specific venue, make enquiries well in advance to avoid disappointment. And remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a wedding reception – there are plenty of ways to cut costs if you are working with a meagre budget.

Creative Couples Searching for Special Wedding Venue

For engaged couples who share a love of all things beautiful, finding a wedding venue that truly reflects their personalities will require out-of-the-box thinking. Let’s look at some the options that creative couples might find just right for housing their big day.

Art Galleries

The obvious choice for artistic couples is an art gallery, but that type of venue can mean a lot of different things. Here are some of the nuances to consider.

  • Instant décor: If the ceremony can be staged in one of the display spaces, there is no need for additional decoration. The very walls of the gallery provide the visual interest.
  • Access: Guests ideally would be able to move freely about the building, enjoying the art while sipping wine and heading through the reception line.
  • Spaces: Attendees may be endlessly entertained if they can view both indoor and outdoor galleries throughout the event.

Interesting Architecture

Having breathtaking structures to explore during the ceremony and reception likely will appeal to creative couples. Here are some aspects of a space that may speak to them.

  • Interesting windows: Rounded, large, or stained glass windows that flood a space with light are likely to be enjoyed.
  • Mixed-use spaces: For intimate weddings, venues that serve double duty – say a brewery housed in a historically significant building – can wow the guests.
  • Period details: For crowds that have an eye for design details, an Art Deco space or Victorian museum might be just the right ambiance.

Repurposed Buildings

In other cases, couples might be looking for an unexpected touch for their wedding venue such as these options.

  • Industrial: Getting married in a working factory or a former dairy building will create interesting backgrounds for the wedding photos.
  • Schoolhouse: How about a large schoolhouse that now is a cultural center comprising art galleries, a ceramics studio, and a music-production room?
  • Half-finished buildings: Sometimes rubble can be romantic. Construction sites that are open to the air or old buildings that have partially collapsed are an unexpected ceremony option.

Out of the Ordinary

Finally, creative couples might just be on the lookout for the unusual. Here are some sites they might gravitate toward.

  • Boats: Many small cruise lines offer wedding packages.
  • Mountain tops: First the guests hike there, then there’s a party
  • Historical sites: Most people have not attended a wedding in the rotunda of a state capital building, but that could change.

Engaged couples with an eye for the artistic may be seeking a creative and extraordinary location for their nuptials. Many of the sites above are viable solutions.

3 Reasons to Hire an Event Florist

Putting on an event can be a very arduous task, but is more than worth the stress when everything comes together. In order to put on a successful event, you will have to make sure all of your bases are covered. There are a number of elements you can add to your event to make it more classy and luxurious. One of the best ways to increase the aesthetic appeal of your event hall is by adding flowers. The only way to get the right flowers for the event is by contacting a professional. Here are a few of the reasons you need to hire a Manhattan Beach florist to help with your event.

More Connections

One of the first reasons to hire a professional to do your flower for you event is the amount of connections they will have. In order to get the right flowers for your event, you will need a personal who has established relationships with local growers in your area. The more connections your florist has, the easier you will find it to get exactly what you need. Make sure you speak with a few different florists in your area to assess who can offer you the most help in this department.

Getting it All Setup

Another reason to hire a florist to handle the flowers for your event is that they can help to set everything up. Trying to handle every aspect of the event on your own will usually end in disaster, which is why you will need to delegate. Having a professional florist on your side will allow you to get the flowers setup and looking their best without having to handle it on your own. Be sure to speak with the florists you are considering to see if they will offer the services you need before you hire them.

Flowers Get Far Better Care

Yet another very important reason to hire a florist to help with your event is the fact they will be able to care for the flowers in the right way. This will help to keep them looking their best right up to the event. The money you pay the professionals for their services will be more than worth it when you are able to get the look you want for your event. The time you put into finding the right florist in your area will be more than worth it in the end.

If you are in need of a great florist to help with your event, you need to call on the team at Rolling Hills Flower Mart. They have the flowers and professionalism you are looking for to put in your event hall.

DIY vintage wedding reception

Over the last few years vintage style is becoming increasingly popular with wedding planners, and it continues to play a major role in the aesthetics of many modern nuptials. Whether it features in the dress design, the location or the food, this is a beautiful and traditional way to celebrate your big day. Creatively themed vintage weddings are fun and nostalgic, they provide unforgettable memories and can be based on any concept that appeals to you as a couple. lace_wedding_gown

In summer a popular choice is the open air themed wedding, this can be staged in a marquee, but should include an outdoor dancing area that’s well lit – homemade tin can lanterns or pretty LED lights are ideal. Balloons have fallen out of favor with some couples, but the oversized pastel varieties are now widely available and offer the ultimate in fairytale chic. To save money on seating at an outdoor vintage wedding, throw some floral fabric over bales of hay and provide blankets for guests to snuggle up in if the weather turns breezy.

Shabby chic is a theme which never dates and gives a real sense of timelessness to your photographs. Think white shutters on the windows, garlands of roses and vintage china plates. You can search through thrift shops for unusual crockery to delight your guests and fill milk jugs with flowers to provide each table with a center piece. If you have a large number of people arriving, help them get organized by displaying the seating plan in chalk on a blackboard; it’s a simple, practical idea and far less formal than having people shown to their seats.

If the great outdoors holds a special place in your heart, you may want to have a rustic themed vintage wedding that shows off your love of the wilderness. Use sprigs of evergreen as part of the place settings and send invitations that include an ordinance survey map with the location marked. Many rustic wedding celebrations are held in a barn which lends the proceedings a bohemian edge, especially if it is decorated using handmade leaf buntings and camping lanterns to provide a warm glow.

Country themed weddings suit couples who have an alternative take on life; the dress code is often very relaxed and there is a distinctly fun feel to the ceremony. To personalize your chosen location, try making the signposts yourself with some old wood and white paint. Use bouquets made from wild flowers and have an alternative method of transport, like a horse and cart, to arrive in true country style.   Use clear glass jam jars to hold flowers, and blue or pink ribbon to differential between men’s or women’s seats.

Half the fun of a themed DIY vintage wedding is had at the planning stage, you get to search through bargain shops for obscure items and then transform them into something beautiful and artistic for your special day. When you look back in years to come you’ll always have the pleasure of knowing that your wedding was a one off, designed the way you wanted it and utterly unique.

Questions You Should Ask Your Luxury Wedding Venue Provider

When you are planning your dream wedding, the venue will be one of the most important decisions you will make. The venue will influence the tone of the wedding and once you have made that decision you will be able to decide on many other aspects including the guest list, the decorations, the entertainment and the catering.

There are many luxury wedding venues in Cheshire to choose from, so take your time to select the right one for your needs. When you are looking around at your options, there are a few important questions that you should ask.


Is it Big Enough?

Is the wedding venue big enough to include all of the guest and the activities you want to include in your wedding? Don’t forget to include room for entertainment and for a dance floor. Does the venue have enough chairs to accommodate your guests or will you have to bring in more. You don’t want a wedding venue that is just big enough, as guests might feel cramped.

Will the Wedding Venue be Available for the Dates you Require?

Some wedding spaces are closed during the winter months, so if you are having a winter wedding you should confirm that the venue you desire will be open. Take a look at the schedule of the venue to figure out whether or not it is available on certain dates or holidays.

How Does the Pricing Work?

Does the venue determine their prices per guest, or is there a flat fee to rent the space? Do you need to pay everything up front, or can you leave a deposit or pay after the event? Figure out how the pricing at the venue works so that you can find out whether or not it will work for you.

How Will Your Guests Get There?

Figure out whether or not the venue is accessible by public transport or if your guests will need to take a car to travel there. For example, if most of your guests live in Cheshire then you could choose one of the many hotels near Chester to make things convenient. If it is difficult for your guests to get there, you might want to arrange for a minibus or a shuttle to transport your guests from the reception to the venue.

Will You Have Exclusive Hire?

Another important question to ask is whether or not you will be the only couple using the venue that night, or if there will be another wedding taking place. If there will be other weddings, find out how much that will affect your wedding. Will you be able to hear the noise from the other reception? Will you need to share bathrooms or other facilities?

What Time Will Guests Have to Leave?

Some wedding venues have a strict time when the guests will need to leave and some even charge extra when you stay later. Make sure that you know this in advance so that you can get your guests out at the right time. If you want the party to go on longer, look for a place where you can go after hours to party all night and figure out how your guests would get there after the wedding venue closes.

Who Is Responsible for Setting Up and Taking Down the Décor?

This question will tell you whether or not you need to hire an extra person to take care of putting up and taking down the wedding decorations. Usually the wedding venue will cover this for a fee, but some venues will require you to handle it yourself.

Can I Get References from Previous Clients?

One of the best ways to find out about your potential wedding venue is to speak to previous clients of the venue and learn what their experience was like. They will give you an honest perspective of what the venue had to offer and its strengths and weaknesses. Also it’s a good idea to ask to see their wedding photos. These real pictures will give you a better idea of what the venue will really look like, rather than the carefully staged and edited photos from the venue website.

These are just a few of the questions that you can ask your wedding venue to find out more and determine whether they are the best option for you. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, a professional venue will be happy to answer them and help you make your decision. Take your time and find the right venue for your wedding, so that you can have the beautiful and memorable event of a lifetime.

Chairs for wedding Do different?

We present one of the trends that are strong and that deal with the assembly of chairs for wedding where guests sit Like?

This article want to introduce one of the trends in wedding decoration 2015 that has to do with the choice of chairs for wedding take note!

This look or style of chairs for wedding arose due to the popularity topics wedding as vintage, hipster or campirano and is characterized by mounting the wedding table with chairs for different wedding and I mean choose different types, colors and materials to chairs at one table Have they seen? Se and looks amazing super different from what we are used!

This type of assembly seats wedding is perfect for less formal weddings, ie non-strict etiquette. Moreover, as council chairs for different wedding work when combined tables for rectangular wedding and elongated and even better if the tables have a look of wood wearing It is the most in!

To make a montage with chairs for wedding different definitely have to hire experts who know this growing trend at weddings. This time I want to recommend to our supplier POSH Events you be fascinated with the result! See some picture gallery of ideas on Google.

Organize the wedding in a garden in Cuernavaca

If you are thinking of organizing the wedding in a garden in Cuernavaca, here are five recommendations for places that are characterized by their service and spectacular scenery.

If you are a bride who live the Federal District or surroundings and your dream wedding is it day and in an open space, this article want to introduce the option to organize the wedding in a garden in Cuernavaca.

Cuernavaca, the city of eternal spring and located in Morelos, is a perfect place to organize the wedding in another state with a warm climate. The garden wedding in Cuernavaca are the backdrop for all those brides who choose to marry in this destination. If you are about to start with planning great day remember that the first step forward is to define the place of receipt. So then I present some recommendations to organize the wedding in a garden in Cuernavaca to get in touch and make your reservations What a thrill!

1. In the Garden of Zicas find spaces for religious ceremony, civil wedding and reception. We also have wedding service including mounting tables and waiters. Here you will find a place for wedding facilities in balance and harmony with nature and with exceptional, friendly and welcoming concept.

2. In Red Saffron couples wishing to organize the wedding in a garden in Cuernavaca find a place with a Careyes style architecture with Asian touches and overlooking lakes and waterfalls.

3. In the Garden Ramayana can arrange wedding celebration with its lakes and waterfalls. It also has an (optional and separately) kindergarten with heated pool, covered area and playground.

wedding in a garden in Cuernavaca 2

4. In the Garden of Cortez grooms find a dream location for your wedding in Cuernavaca.

5. The hills surrounding the Finca La Concordia will make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

Finca La Concordia

Best hotels for wedding in Monterrey

Are you getting married in Monterrey? Check out our list of the best hotels to wedding in Monterrey. Because of the importance of this city, there are a variety of options and styles that meet and satisfy all the needs of brides.

Whether you are a royal couple or another state of Mexico and want to get married in Monterrey, in this article I want to present the best hotels for wedding in Monterrey.

The city of Monterrey is part of one of the most important in Mexico and that is why it offers brides and grooms variety of places to plan the perfect wedding. They can be certain that if they go for the option of choosing a hotel for the wedding reception will bring many advantages Take note!

1. In the Presidente InterContinental Monterrey find a hotel for wedding to organize such an important in the life of every couple full of exclusive and elegant touches day. Also during the planning and the big day will be calm and enjoying thanks to personalized advice and experience of its staff. If you approach this hotel for wedding, which is characterized by a great location and views of the city, may choose between different areas for receiving the one that best suits what you have in mind!

Crowne Plaza Monterrey
Crowne Plaza Monterrey

2. The Crowne Plaza Monterrey is one of the best hotels to wedding because it is located in the heart of the city that has the amenities and facilities to plan the perfect wedding. It is also recognized that handle international cuisine as well as having the necessary elements for a table decoration dream.

Holiday Inn Fundidora Park
Holiday Inn Fundidora Park

3. My third recommendation is the Holiday Inn Fundidora Park which is characterized by being awedding hotel located in one of the most famous and prestigious areas of the city.

Besides building a modern and edgy blend architecture with nature and a beautiful view of the hill of the chair.

4. In one of the rooms of the Sheraton Ambassador Monterrey Hotel can plan an elegant wedding.

Sheraton Ambassador Monterrey Hotel
Sheraton Ambassador Monterrey Hotel

5. In Quinta Real Monterrey find a hotel for framing a wedding with colonial style.

Quinta Real Monterrey
Quinta Real Monterrey

6. Finally there is the Camino Real Monterrey, a masterpiece of Mexican architecture Who would not want to make your wedding here?

Camino Real Monterrey
Camino Real Monterrey

5 Advantages of hotels for wedding

Do not know what kind of place for wedding choose? In this article we give 5 Advantages of hotels for wedding, you can be sure that will help you go defining your decision.

If you are starting with wedding preparations’m sure they will have the dilemma of conduct Where the reception? There are many places for wedding but, in this article, want to present five advantages to couples who are organizing their big day the wedding hotels take note!

1. The first advantage I think having the hotels for weddings is that putting in your hands the organization of such an important day will be much easier because they handle packages all inclusive, so only have to hire a minimum number of suppliers out. A great option is the Marriott Torreon

2. The hotels that are dedicated to weddings have staff with the expertise to that before and during the big day everything goes successfully. We also have wedding planners who are dedicated solely to fulfill your wishes and needs.

3. If you decide to choose as venue for the wedding a hotel well before zero hour, may be fixed right there and to spend his wedding night with her ​​future husband once it’s over. For example the hotel Grand 2411 in Monterrey.

4. Generally, hotels for wedding handle spaces of different types and sizes can be chosen based on the needs they have in mind for the big day. Here too hard to organize the civil ceremony and reception in one place Easier!

5. Finally hotels are perfect for wedding if they are thinking of organizing the wedding in another state or if several of the guests traveling to attend Wedding. In this case Hotels handle special rates and facilities for guests, certainly a great detail to them. The Hotel Royal Pedregal will love.