Birthdays exist to celebrate loved ones and everything that makes them special. Naturally, you want to make these days extra-special to show how much you value the person, especially when it comes to your mother. Here are three unique ideas to brighten your mother’s birthday and demonstrate your appreciation and love.

1. A Surprise Delivery

Surprises are a wonderful way to brighten anyone’s day. Order a birthday delivery Denver CO of brilliant blooms or gourmet chocolates right to your mother’s doorstep. If you want to make it more personal, you can be the deliveryman; bring your mother her favorite tea or coffee beverage and bakery treats in bed, with fresh flowers or a box of candies on the side.

2. A Handmade Gift

If you feel that buying a gift isn’t special enough, crafting one with your own two hands can add a touch that no machine or factory can. If you knit or crochet, scarves, hats and plushes all make excellent gifts. You could also wood burn your mother’s initials or name on a cutting board or door piece, make a piece of pottery or whittle a small trinket. If you don’t feel your skills are quite up to any of these, there are plenty of other presents you can make. Even the effort of making a simple card shows care.

3. A Day Out

Most mothers just want to spend time with their children, to be with them. Plan out a whole day devoted solely to your mother, whether that be going to a place like a museum, a theater or a zoo, eating out at that new restaurant she wants to try or just going for a walk. The memories from such a day will last a lifetime and mean far more than a material item.

Making your mother’s birthday special can be as simple as putting a little extra thought and effort into planning.