Okay, okay, many of the gifts we’ll talk about could also work for women. Let’s face it, though, many of the men in our lives are a pain in the butt for whom to shop. Let’s get this out of the way: they don’t do it on purpose. Most men are pretty basic. They get what they need when they need it and don’t want much of anything else. If most guys are honest, what they really want is to ensure their loved ones are happy and safe. Anything beyond that for them is like extra icing on your cake: it’s nice, but not necessary. This doesn’t exactly help, though, when you need to get a man a present.

Go Practical

One sure fire way to gift a man something that he’ll want is to get him something he needs. You could go the gift card route, but if you’re looking for something more personal, check out what he’s using now. Is his wallet worn and ratty-looking? Replace it. Be sure to mirror what he uses now by choosing a similar material and paying attention to whether he prefers a two- or three-fold variety. Augment his wardrobe by choosing a custom belt for him. Going beyond a basic design to embrace his interests is a great way of taking an everyday object and turning it into a gift with which he’ll be pleased to use.

Does he wear a watch that needs replacing? Does he have a bunch of ball caps with no place to store them? Does he have a collection that could be displayed? Finding a practical gift which he’ll both use and appreciate requires you to pay attention to his needs, likes and dislikes.

New Experiences

Sometimes the best gift is the memories you create. What has he always wanted to do? You can gift him an opportunity to drive a NASCAR, get him a class in home brewing beer, take him axe throwing or send him to a remote hunting cabin. Again, pay attention to him to guide you in what he’ll love to receive from you.

Finding gift inspiration won’t be hard if you focus on him.