Have you ever had to shop for someone who you know very well but cannot seem to come up with any original gift ideas. Whether it be a friend, family member, or significant other, you probably want to gift them something they will be excited about and appreciate. The best way to do that is to give a unique and thoughtful gift that has a little bit of their personality. We have put together a list of some great ideas for you below.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes and services are all the rage right now. There are so many different ones to choose from and if you look hard enough, you can find almost any theme or interest. Many are body care or food related. You can choose a subscription that is specific, like a wine club or monthly razor subscription, or maybe you aren’t exactly sure what they would like most so you opt for a sample box like birch box.

Personal E-Reader

This is a great gift because it can be used over and over again. If the man or woman in your life loves to read, getting a Kindle or something along those lines will be such a special treat for them. The best part about it is you can load it up with all their favorite books, or maybe you even know what books they are interested in reading next. If you are not sure what they might want to read, you can always gift them some credit to an online e-book store.

Museum Membership

No Matter where you live or what interests you, there is most likely a museum nearby that you enjoy. Think about what your friend appreciates or is interested in and get them a one year membership to a local museum. Not only will they be able to attend for free (and maybe bring you), museums often host regular events and lectures for members as well as offer discounts on museum shop items. Depending on the museum, these benefits can be very exclusive to members and offer a lot of opportunity to learn more and meet fellow patrons with the same interests.

Online Courses

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to learn a new skill? Having the opportunity to try something new and learn about something you enjoy can be a great gift for someone who is a bit academic. To give someone the gift of online courses can open up so many possibilities for them without requiring too much commitment. Check out Udemy for a full list of subjects taught.

Personalized Scent

This last one can be tricky unless you know the person pretty well but you will be sure to score some points if you do. Everybody enjoys different scents but having one designed specifically for them can be so special. There are a number of companies that do this so take a look to see what each one offers. If you are not comfortable choosing a scent combination for someone else, you can always get a gift certificate and let them concoct their own signature perfume or cologne.