There must be billions of trees in the world, and all in various states of vitality. Some trees, like Japanese maples and flowering pear trees, are ornamental and planted for viewers to behold their beauty. Others, like maples and birches, are shade trees. Arborists use their talents to bring the best virtues of trees into focus.

What Is an Arborist?

Arborists are the tree doctors of the world. They use their training to evaluate the condition of either ornamental or shade trees, to make determinations based on those evaluations, and to take the necessary actions, as they see fit. This could mean felling the tree or taking limbs or branches from it. The end result is a tree that has received the care that it needs to continue to grow in a healthy way, or a tree that is taken down because it is either dead or too damaged to function in a safe and healthy way.

When an arborist Alpharetta GA examines a tree, she is looking at many factors by which to determine the health of the tree, including soil moisture, wind patterns, growth patterns and soil conditions. By generating and collating data that is culled from the aforementioned factors, the arborist is better able to make decisions, which may include any modification from trimming to felling.

What Can an Arborist Do for You?

An arborist can improve the value of your property and could actually save your life. Trees are somehow still deceptively dangerous to people. Sometimes homeowners think that once they have a tool in their hands, like a pole saw or even a chainsaw, they have the green light to start hacking away. In truth, this can be exceedingly dangerous, especially if you’re dealing with big trees. For instance, did you know that it is seriously frowned upon to use a chainsaw on a ladder? If you have big trees growing on your lot, it is a good habit to call in an arborist every few years to evaluate them for integrity.

What might look easy when done by an arborist is actually the result of many hours of practice. Arborists can tell you with accuracy how kinks in a tree, and its weight, can cause a chainsaw to buck wildly or to get stuck.

Arborists will use their skillset to sculpt trees into the forms and shapes that you desire, and they will keep everybody safe while they are doing so. When the arborist is finished, you can take comfort that your property is safe, at least regarding the trees on it, or you will have a plan by which to ensure and maintain your safe space.