Don’t want to follow the herd and have the same interior decor that most everyone else has? It’s time to think out of the box. If you’ve recently purchased one of the Las Vegas houses for sale, it’s the perfect place to really go all out, but even if you’ve purchased a home in small-town Iowa or anywhere else, it can be the perfect time to use that creative side of the brain.

According to, some of the most popular styles now are classic and traditional, such as needlepoint and wicker with cottagecore wallpaper, and a retro ’80s look. Forget about all that, and go for something more unusual that allows your own personality to shine.

Go For Conservation Starting Pieces

You can inject a ton of personality into any room by adding pieces that really stand out. We’re talking conversation starters that your guests will notice as soon as they walk in. Some ideas include an octopus candelabra, which is surprisingly affordable on Amazon yet incredibly cool. Or what about a spiral wall clock with red balls that tell the time? Go even bigger with a Clock Tower window like the one in this New York City penthouse. Invisible bookshelves that make it look like your books are floating in the air are just another idea – there are countless others out there.


Accent Lighting

Lighting can easily add drama to a room, with moody lighting that’s derived from a backlit element such as a round fixture on the wall. It’s unusual while providing a pop of light and a work of art while setting a relaxed ton. Neon art that’s abstract or geometric comes in an extensive array of options. This “Better Together” sign is a perfect example that would work great in a couple’s bedroom. Something that says “It Was All a Dream” or “Good Vibes Only” would work great too.

Let Shelving Divide Your Space

If you’re working from home like so many people are now and don’t have an extra room as an office, you can use a barrier instead to help separate your work and home life. An open shelving unit adds an unusual touch while being perfectly effective. Make it even better by not only using it for storage but for displaying unique items you’ve collected. Some of the shelves might be used for greenery too.

A Moss Wall in the Bathroom

Greenery can really add to the look of your home’s interior as well as promoting a healthier environment as plants rid the environment of harmful toxins and chemicals. You can add vases full of fresh-cut plants and even create a moss wall. There are lots of different ways to do this, but our favorite is in the bathroom as it will help soak up the water from the steam. This one, created by Siol, an architectural firm in San Francisco, is absolutely amazing. It satisfies the greenery element while providing a stunning and unusual look.

Of course, having a professional architect design and install it is likely pretty pricey and won’t work if you have allergies to moss. So if that cool moss wall isn’t an option, you could go with moss wall art which works really well for hiding an unattractive view. Artisan Moss creates “plant paintings” from natural plants that were preserved, which means they don’t need water or sunlight, so no maintenance is necessary!