Wedding rings are an important part of wedding tradition in most cultures across the world. A wedding ring is considered to be a symbol of eternal love and devotion. It holds religious and cultural significance too. If you are about to get married and are looking for a wedding ring that is beautiful and is within your budget, keep the following top tips in mind.

Opt for less expensive metals

Platinum is the latest trend these days, but gold is less expensive. Titanium, tungsten, and palladium are another affordable metal choices. If the recipient wants diamond wedding ring, go for a lower carat weight ring. Look for diamonds that fall just under popular carat weights like I carat and ½ carat. .90 carat diamond costs less on price-per-carat basis than a full 1 carat diamond.

Choose thinner bands

Thinner bands use less metal so they cost less compared to broader bands. If you are buying diamond wedding band, a thinner band will feature less and smaller diamonds, and would still look beautiful. You can save a lot of your money by choosing less metal and smaller stones. Thinner rings look classy and elegant and look great on women with petite hands.

Get proper sizing

Buying the wedding band or ring of wrong size may not only hamper the whole ceremony, it may cost more to get the ring re-sized. Toronto jewellers size the finger quickly and for no extra fee.

Look for bridal jewellery sets

Bridal jewellery sets contain an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. Some sets include three rings, two rings of the bridal set and one wedding band for the man. You can save a lot of your money by buying a wedding trio or bridal ring set. (Must Read: 5 Tips before giving engagement ring.)

Opt for vintage wedding bands

Antique or vintage jewellery is made of more valuable materials. Elaborate designs make this type of jewellery truly unique. While most people prefer modern wedding rings, choosing antique wedding bands is a great way to buy beautiful jewellery and save money at the same time. Vintage jewellery is comparatively cheaper. It’s a great choice for people who like classic styles. A wide variety of vintage wedding bands can be found in the market. Distinct styles and qualities of these wedding bands make them an ideal choice for many people shopping for wedding jewellery.

Buy only the engagement ring

There are women who prefer to have no wedding band at all. Such women usually prefer to have a slightly bigger and elaborate wedding engagement ring. You may ask your woman if she wants the same. You may gift her anniversary ring later on when you have money at disposal. It is however advisable to discuss the same rather than taking any decision alone. After all, she should not consider you are miserly or that you don’t value her decisions and preferences.

Shop around

There are innumerable jewellers in Toronto. Instead of buying the wedding ring from the first jeweller that you come across, it is advisable to search around. Check as many jewellers as you can. Find out what they are offering in terms of design, style, and price. Then compare the rings and choose the one that is the best in terms of design and price.

Finding the wedding ring that is beautiful and affordable is not impossible. Use the tips shared above to find the best wedding ring without breaking your bank though.