Most people fail to fulfill their dreams and live in the shadow of what could have been, sometimes because they were disillusioned, some because they never believed and others because they thought it was too difficult. Whatever the situation, a dream is a living part of you and let it die and let die is part of di. Do not give up your dreams just because they seem impossible, the reality is that everything starts as nothing, first an idea, then an action and then a result.

So live what dreams


7 Reasons to Follow


  1. A dream is a why: Many authors agree that the “why” are what moves people.Think about it, everyone has a reason, otherwise life would be meaningless. When you have dreams, those can be linked directly to those why and become a vision. A vision has the ability to influence attitudes, habits and choices you make every day.
  2. A dream is personal: everyone has different tastes, interests, personalities and desires. Dreams are manifested as an expression of our essence, what we really are.A dream is a reflection of you as stated in the first paragraph, an important part of you.
  3. A dream is a responsibility when you really want something. You fight for it no matter how difficult the circumstances are.The proportion of effort you put into this compliance is equivalent to the ratio of how true is what you wanted. “Whoever surrenders to a problem does not show strength or character. Proverbs 24:10 “
  4. A dream creates virtues of you: when you pursue what you want and fight for it, need necessarily develop virtues such as: discipline, attitude, determination, perseverance and dedication.These are qualities of character that can only be developed in the field, experience in practice.
  5. A dream brings satisfaction: we live in the era of everything fast, in the era of “do not wait for anything,” people want everything fast, yet easy, we are a hedonistic culture.When you fight for something you want, it will cost labor and as the saying goes, “What gets more work, more valued.” Delaying small momentary pleasures to finally have a greater satisfaction.
  6. A dream makes you face your fears: to carry out your dreams, you need to leave the comfort zone and that means take on new things, experiences that may seem frightening and criticism or judgment, however, when you face your fears grows as a person and discover new things.If you go, you’re going to fall, but he who does not advance, nothing happens, good or bad.
  7. A dream excited: imagine life without emotions, it would be very boring.In a study done on the brain, they measured the activity of people who saw a photograph and others only imagined photography. The results showed that the same areas of the brain are used to see it to imagine, that means that when you think of your dreams, you’re helping your brain to generate very similar emotions that you would if you were living your dream into reality.

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