My friends laughed at me the moment I volunteered to be a part of the committee of my town’s annual marathon. The marathon always had good purposes and all, but it was somehow always messy. Something always went wrong and it was just mentally and physically exhausting for the committee. But I volunteered anyway because my eyes were on the appreciation plaques that would be given to every member of the marathon committee.

I was aware that it was just some cheap plaques that according to my friends, didn’t worth my time and energy. They even volunteered to make similar plaque for me just so that I withdrew from the committee and took advantage of my time to hang out with them.

But no matter what my friends said, I proceed to join the marathon committee for the sake of the plaque. Actually, it was not really about the plaque, but the memory engraved there. Since I was in middle school I really loved doing volunteer works. Of course since they were volunteer works, I didn’t always get any physical reward in return, but I always cherished the experiences that enriched me and let me met a lot of great people. But when I got a physical reward, it was always some pretty engraved plaques.

It is just very satisfying to sit in my study and take a look at my engraved plaque collections. Even though without those plaques I already know that my hard work didn’t go to waste, looking at those pretty rewards make me feel appreciated.

Every single time I look at my plaques, I can remember clearly what I did back then, what event I volunteered in and even how I felt. Everything becomes even more interesting when I read the custom engraving and see my name on it. Feels like I have found the purpose of my birth. No matter how tired the volunteer works were, I will always feel happy because my contributions are able to help so many people.

I know that I shouldn’t ask for anything when it comes to volunteering, but I can’t help wishing for more name plaques. This is why I decided to join the marathon committee even though it really drained my energy. This event always gives the prettiest plaques for both the committee and the winners. Since I’m not exactly a runner, joining the committee was the best way to lay my hands on the exquisite appreciation plaque.