Are you a little bit nostalgic for the old days? If you have kids, you know that they really do grow up too fast. Time races away from you, and soon all you have left of them being little is the memories. And a lot of memorabilia.

If you are struggling to know what to do with all the paintings, toys and assorted items, read on. We may just have a few ways you can hold onto it.

Treasured memories

Alright, minimalism is all the rage and no one loves the look of a very cluttered house. But our possessions really can spark our happiest memories. As your children grow and change, hanging onto the little people they were, becomes more and more important. It is up to you to hang onto their memorabilia to ensure that they have something to look back on later in life.

Don’t keep it all

While it is very important to keep hold of some of your children’s things, you do not want to keep them all. For example, hanging onto artwork and school reports is a little different from keeping hold of broken toys and a jigsaw with missing pieces. Know that you won’t want to look back on a scrap of scribbled on paper, but those Christmas cards from beloved grandparents who have passed on could mean more than you know to your adult children.

It is also a great idea to keep hold of childhood toys that stand the test of time – beloved teddies can be handed down, and storybooks rarely lose their charm.

Sort things neatly

It is easy to keep shoving things into boxes in the loft, but try to keep your children’s memorabilia ordered. You can make this a rainy day project! Even if you keep it in boxes marked by year, or by the contents, you will have at least some idea how to find the items later on. This will make it easier to cherry-pick out items as and when your children want them, or when you want to look back and reflect.

Store everything safely

If you want to hang on to as many of those treasured childhood items as possible, you might not have room for them all. Hold onto everything you treasure when you opt to keep it all safely in a storage facility. There are options available in locations across the country, including a range of storage options near London.

Your memories will be secure, kept dry and protected, and you can always visit them or take them home at any time. The most important thing is that they will be there for you to remember all those special times.