If you were all gung-ho when the your girl said yes to go out on a pre-wedding date with you, and if you are now worried about things because you’re on a budget, you’ve come to the right place!

Look your best on a budget isn’t tough work; you just need to do it right. Because at least for now, you certainly can’t let the girl know that you have money matters on your mind! If D-day is nearing and you have no idea about what you’re going to do, help is at hand.


Here are three things you need to do right and all else will be okay!

Groom Yourself

Your to be bride will be making an effort to look great and the least you should do is look presentable. Looking presentable is possible without spending oodles of money on gels and perfumes. Just follow these tips:

  • Be sure to take a bath because even the most expensive perfumes and deodorants can’t mask body odor. And if you didn’t already know, body odor is a big turn off for women! So scrub up well and don’t forget important areas like your chest, armpits, and groin. Also wash behind your ears while you’re in there.
  • Bad breath is another turn off so stay away from foods that give you bad breath. If you have bad breath due to reasons other than eating pungent food, do what it takes to get your mouth smelling fresh. Also brush your teeth to dislodge visible food particles. You certainly don’t want your girl to guess what you had for dinner last night!
  • Take good care of your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing daily, and exfoliating regularly.
  • Do remember to shave; unkempt facial hair will only make you look homeless. If you want to keep your stubble, be sure to trim it regularly. You’ll also need to shape it so that it looks clean and sharp. Keep in mind that it’s best to be clean shaven if you have sparse hair.
  • Pay attention to your hands and fingernails. Be sure to slough away dead skin and rub in a good moisturizing lotion to keep the skin soft. Cut your nails and clean under them properly. If you’re going to wear open-toed footwear or might have to expose your feet in front of your bride, give yourself a pedicure too.

Dress Well

Apart from grooming yourself, you’ll also have to wear the right clothes to make the pre-wedding date perfect! Again, the right clothes needn’t burn a hole in your pocket. If most of your clothes aren’t good enough to wear on the pre-wedding date, it doesn’t mean you have to go shopping for an all new wardrobe. Even if you have to, shopping on a budget is no big deal!

Basic Tips for Men

Open your closet and pull everything out onto the bed or on the floor. Sort through the pile carefully and separate items that are in really good condition. Don’t be disheartened if you find only a handful of clothing items worth wearing.

Once you have separated the wearable items, go through them again and see if there are stains of any kind on them. Make sure everything smells fresh and is not reeking of body odor or moth balls. If your clothes smell, launder them as you normally do.

Don’t forget to check your shoes; take them to a cobbler and get them repaired if needed. Also, wash or polish them before you set off on for your pre-wedding date.

Keep in mind that having good clothes is not enough; you’ll have to make sure that you dress for the occasion. If, on pre-wedding day, you’ve invited your girl out for coffee or drinks, dress casually, and if you’re going for lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant, put on your formals.

But remember, casual doesn’t mean sloppy; you don’t want to come across as careless by turning up in a pair of baggy jeans and loose t-shirt. At the same time, wearing an immaculate suit is fine, but if you put on a tie, it will make you look as if you came straight from work.

Pay the Bill

As you have invited your to be bride out, you should be the one picking up the tab. Sure you’re on a budget, but don’t even think of asking your partner to go Dutch. If she insists on paying or splitting the bill, politely refuse.

So how do you make sure you and your partner have a good time without her knowing that you’re on a budget? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Consider packing a lunch and going on a picnic
  • Meet up for a coffee or a couple of drinks
  • Invite her to your place for dinner
  • Forget about having dinner at a restaurant; opt for lunch- it’s cheaper
  • Hang out at a fast food joint instead of going somewhere fancy
  • See if you can use food coupons or get discounts on your credit card; some eateries also offer free samples
  • Check out local fairs or exhibits
  • Pay a visit to museums or art shows that have low entry fees


Now that you have read these tips, you know there’s nothing to be anxious about. Get the basics right and your to be bride is sure to have a good time without knowing that you’re getting by on a budget!