How to achieve harmony in a relationship? Searching for a marriage partner is often a daunting process, full of difficult and painful experiences. These are very simple, but very important steps.

  1. Make a final choice for yourself

The famous German psychologist, philosopher, author of the method “Family Arrangements” Bert Hellinger calls civil marriage “under-election”. That is, when you do not enter into serious – and official – relations, this may mean that at heart you have not yet made the final choice. Some of you think that somewhere there is a better partner, somewhere else they are waiting for real happiness, someday a new life will begin. Usually, it is typical for men, but women may not always be sure that next to them the best man and he are for life. Therefore, the first thing to do is ask yourself: “Is this the best partner for me?”. And with a positive response, when you do not have any shadow of a doubt, start acting further.

  1. Tune in to a possible final of relations

It is necessary to prepare as much as possible for the variant of development of events, that with an honest attempt to dot the, your relationship will end. Any person feels when they live next to him because of love or when they are clinging to him for fear of loss, the fear of being left alone. To minimize injury, you need to understand where you can go when there is a possible separation and with what. Probably sometimes you might need to improve your knowledge about legal side of it as well.

  1. Stop talking about the wedding

Temporarily let go of the obscure thoughts about the wedding and, conversely, start looking for advantages in free life and talking about them about a partner. This will allow you to stop cycling on the idea of ​​marriage and see for yourself the different options. Stop sympathizing with those who are not yet married, but live a full life.

  1. To go on a trip (one)

Embark on a journey to experience the taste of freedom. Better – one and even without girlfriends. Enjoy loneliness, new acquaintances, discoveries. Feel like this, when you can only do what you want – it’s a great opportunity to remember your true desires and forgotten dreams.

  1. To live separately

No matter how you want to wake up in his arms and prepare breakfast for him in the morning, leave him. By this time, you should already have an apartment and funds for independent housing. When you live together, a man has a feeling that no more steps are needed.