Salwar suit for women is a coveted sartorial piece that demands to be worn to the utmost perfection. Pulling off one is not as easy as it seems. There are surfeit of things that must be done and considered to master the art of wearing a salwar kameez. For women who wish to slay the salwar kameez look, here are a few things that you must ‘not’ do when wearing the lovely ethnic attire.

  1. Not opting for the right material for your salwar

To stay comfortable and to look chic, you must choose light, flowy and airy fabrics that are aesthetically pleasing and compliments your figure. Materials such as linen, raw silk, brocade and cotton have the tendency to make you appear bulky. Select fabrics like georgette, crepe and chiffon that beautifully sits on your body and gives an elegant look.

  1. Going overboard with the accessories

You might have some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery that you would want to wear but you cannot wear them all. If your outfit is heavily embroidered then you must stay minimal with your accessory. To look ethereal, opt for one statement piece that compliments your outfit well.

  1. Wearing a long kameez with patiala

Pairing a long kameez with patiala salwar is like adding pineapple to a pizza, it is a complete no! Give your patiala salwar the attention it deserves with a short kurti that syncs well with the bottom wear. By wearing an extended kameez, you hide the beautiful work and pleats of the shalwar which is the real charm!

  1. Wearing ill-fitted kameez 

The right fitting is of utmost importance especially for an Indian ethnic wear. A kameez of the perfect fit is essential as it adds more character to the entire look. Whereas, on the other hand, if it does not fit well it can give you a very shabby and baggy appearance.

  1. Colour coordinating everything, literally 

A monochromatic look is in vogue and is definitely something we all vouch for. However, wearing the same set of jewellery or footwear and other accessories of the same colour is not a wise choice. You need to break the monotony by adding a different pop of colour. You can do that by pairing your salwar kameez with a different colour dupatta, footwear among the others. If you do not want to indulge in contrasting, then you can opt for different shades of the same colour.

  1. Not getting the lining right 

If a kameez requires a lining then you must get one by either sewing it with the kameez or stitching it of the perfect length. If it is not done the right way, the lining tends to be seen from the kameez that doesn’t give a peasant look.

The next time you wear a salwar suit, make sure to keep the above pointers in mind. You can also use these tips while styling a kurti pant set or even just a kurti for women.