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How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Reception

You have found the perfect dress, you have a theme in mind for the wedding, and the vacation brochures are stacked up on the coffee table to help you book the most romantic honeymoon in the world, ever. But what about the reception – have you thought about where you are going to hold the wedding reception?

No matter how tight the budget, every bride and groom deserves a decent party after they have said their vows. It is traditional to celebrate a wedding with a gathering for family and friends. Of course not everyone can afford to have the reception immediately after the wedding. Some couples choose to have a very low-key ceremony followed by a reception weeks or even months after the event, perhaps because they got married abroad, away from family and friends. But irrespective of when you decide to organize a wedding reception, the location for the event is very important. So if you are thinking about this right now, there are a few ideas to inspire you.

Hotel Banqueting Suite

Hotels are traditionally a great place to hold a wedding reception. Depending on your budget, you will have a choice of anything from a small, family run hotel to an international 5* chain in one of the world’s top cities. Booking a banqueting suite within a Los Angeles hotel means you have everything on hand: food, accommodation and, usually, entertainment. You should have your pick of venues if you are able to organize your wedding reception well in advance, but even if you leave it until the last minute, there will always be somewhere with an available room if you are not too fussy.

Historic Building

For a wedding reception with a Downton Abbey theme, look at booking a historic building or stately home for your wedding reception. Photo opportunities will be fantastic if you are able to find a suitably grand building. You may even be able to combine the wedding and reception at the same venue if it has a wedding license in place. You will probably need to plan this one in advance, however, as the best venues are usually booked up many months ahead.

Beach Resort

Fancy a relaxed wedding reception where guests can enjoy the sunshine and sea? If you combine a honeymoon and wedding reception, you have all corners covered. It doesn’t get much more romantic than a 5* beach resort somewhere exotic like the Maldives or U.S. Virgin Islands. It will be pretty expensive, though, so be prepared to save up a lot of cash in order to pay for everything.

Museum or Art Gallery

Museums and art galleries make quirky and stylish venues for a wedding reception. Lots of museums and galleries now off function rooms for hire, and for a wedding reception with a difference, this is definitely one to consider. Imagine how amazing it would be to toast your friends and family with some awesome exhibits as an interesting backdrop. Your guests can have fun and learn a few things at the same time.

Local Bar

For a more low-key wedding reception, a function room within your local bar is the perfect choice. Since you are likely to choose somewhere you are familiar with, it will feel like a home from home. Invite your friends and family and enjoy a more intimate gathering. And if you are a regular, you might even be offered a significant discount on the hire costs.

At Home

What could be more relaxing than organizing a celebratory wedding reception party at home – you don’t need to travel anywhere and once the party is over, you can kick off your shoes and go to sleep in your own bed. This probably won’t work if you don’t have a big garden, but if there is plenty of room, hire a marquee, caterers and entertainment, and look forward to a fabulous party. Or, if you don’t have much money available to spend on a wedding reception, ask everyone to bring a dish or have a BBQ in the garden. It will just as enjoyable.

Wedding receptions do taken a fair amount of organization. To avoid any last minute hiccups, start planning your reception nice and early, and if you have your heart set on a specific venue, make enquiries well in advance to avoid disappointment. And remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a wedding reception – there are plenty of ways to cut costs if you are working with a meagre budget.

Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding Services

It is really a great big deal when you decide to get married and are planning a wedding. Not only do you have to figure out all the details such as your colors and themes, but you also have to deal with the logistics and all this on top of making sure you don’t leave anyone out or forget someone. Worrying about all these things can make the whole wedding seem stressful and destroy the best possible time of your life. Therefore, it is an excellent idea for you to hire wedding services because it is very difficult to be the bride and the planner as well.

Today, the wedding industry has become highly profitable and is absolutely thriving. Hiring the best wedding services can give you peace of mind and let you have the wedding of your dreams. You can find a number of wedding services by doing a quick search on hotfrog.com.au, but in order to choose the best one for your needs, you can use the following tips:

  • Make sure the services are within your budget. Just like hotels have different price levels, the same is applicable to packages of wedding services. One of the toughest things for you to do is figure out the budget for your wedding. Of course, you want to get the best of everything, but it is not feasible for you to spend all your money on the wedding.
  • You should feel a connection to the wedding coordinator. When you begin your search for the idealwedding services, you have to find a coordinator whose personality compliments yours. You donot have to be an exact match, but you want to connect with someone who is willing to provide you the type of wedding experience you want. When you meet perspective planners and coordinators, you should evaluate how you feel. If you build a good rapport and feel comfortable, go for it.
  • You should be able to trust them and have gone through their reviews. You have to do a little homework in order to find the best wedding services to save yourself from the stress and headaches that come with an approaching wedding. This can be accomplished by checking the reviews of the wedding service you are considering to find out the time of experience they have provided to other brides and grooms. You can get an idea of what to expect when you hire the particular wedding service.
  • Do a consult. Typically, initial consultations are free of charge because they are a way for the client and the planner to get acquainted. This is when you can discuss themes and the planner can give ideas accordingly. Then you have the option of deciding if their design or styles appeal to you and go from there.

You can find a list of various wedding services from hotfrog.com.au and check their reviews, do a consultation and go over their packages in order to make the best choice for your wedding.

Capturing the Magic of a Pakistan Wedding

For those that call Pakistan home understand the importance of their wedding. The wedding is a stable means of living among two adults and can take up to entire year to plan. In many cases, the families plan the wedding often referred to as shaadi. Today, a few changes are in place when it comes to weddings in this country; however, even marriages between cousins are permitted.

The first step is the proposal party when the parents along with the entire family of the groom will ask permission from the parents of the bride to be for her hand in the union. Some families will bring along gifts of gold or jewelry that will be worn on the wedding day, but this is not necessarily a tradition.

After the proposal party, an engagement party will be planned which includes both families. At this time, rings will be exchanged between the proposed bride and groom. In some families according to their tradition, the rings will be presented by family members while others may allow the bride and groom to exchange rings. This party is often called the Mangni and is the day that will include choosing the day of the wedding.

Once there is a date for the wedding, the next celebration is the Mayun which is a symbol of the upcoming wedding for the bride. She is not allowed to do perform errands, tasks, or even see the groom to be during this time. During this time, the brides families and friends will be rejoicing in dancing and singing.

After the Mayun, the next celebration is the Dholki. At this time, the bride to be wears Pakistani yellow attire and enjoys celebrating with her family singing wedding songs. During this time, other celebrations will also be included such as the Mehndi and the Barat. The Barat is for the grooms family and friends as they travel to the home of the bride to be for the ceremony. More days of celebration are entertained until that special day when the wedding occurs.

On of the most cherished memories a Pakistani wedding can have is the professional images created by a Wedding Photographer. Every moment, celebration, party, and all can be captured for the couple to savor as well as share with family and friends that were so much a part of the entire wedding. Before choosing your photographer, ask for references to ensure they can actually capture the love, admiration, and excitement that everyone in your family feels as you become a husband and wife instead of just two people traveling through life alone.

Top Qualities to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographer is the one person responsible for documenting the greatest day of your life. Pick the wrong photographer and you will not get another shot at this. This is why you should never scrimp on paying for a high-quality wedding photographer. When searching for a photographer, here are the top qualities to look for.

The Portfolio of Work

The top quality in any wedding photographer is the ability to present a portfolio of work. Get an idea for how good their photos are and the results you can expect. If you have an example of what you can expect from a photographer, there will be no nasty surprises when you get the results back.

Determined to Get the Shot

A photographer should not knock people out of the way to get into position to make the shot. At the same time, they should not settle for second best because a superior position would mean extra effort. This is a photo that’s going to hang around for generations. It is worth some extra effort.


A wedding is a live event and you cannot always guarantee that things are going to happen on time. You need a photographer who is willing to accept this. If they have to stay an extra five minutes, so be it. You should not have to deal with someone who is grumpy and miserable because of it.

This is what we call professionalism. A photographer at a wedding should be well aware of the things that can and do go wrong.

Ego in Check

Photographers are artists and artists carry big egos. It is considered a personal insult if someone criticizes their work. However, this ego should not get in the way of delivering a service. You are paying them. You are not paying for a prima donna attitude.

You should be able to tell the photographer what you want without them going away in a huff. Is your photographer gracious when you provide some pointers on what you want?

Providing a Service 

A wedding photographer is a service provider. Anything they say or sell you should carry the purpose of making your wedding as good as it can possibly be. The last thing you want is a photographer who continuously tries to upsell in an effort to make a quick buck.

Fits in Well 

Your photographer will be fitting in and mingling with your guests at your wedding. A photographer who is consistently crass and generally unpleasant to be around will cast a shadow over your wedding.

These qualities are difficult to find from a brief interview. This is why you should always look up reviews from previous clients to find out the reality of things.

Take your time when employing a photographer. To get your photographer of choice you should aim to start searching up to a year in advance. Remember, photographers prefer to book their schedules up to a month in advance. Do not settle for second best.

Personalise Your Wedding: Making the Big Day Truly for You and Your Partner

Getting married is one of the many milestones that an individual can be so proud of and excited to achieve. Many women even have a scrapbook where they jot down ideas on what they think will be a perfect wedding for them. And ever since Pinterest came, a lot of the most active boards are definitely wedding-themed. Then there are the couples who continue to breathe life into the wedding planning industry, hiring an army of planners to do the heavy lifting and take the load off their shoulders.

If you’re one of the excited individuals who want to make your celebration truly a personal, memorable experience, there are certain things that you will need to consider. For one, personalising your wedding will mean that you will have to coordinate and monitor the progress of the preparation closely at all times. Will you have the time and energy for all these? How far are you willing to go to make your dream wedding possible? Keep in mind that you’re preparing for your special day, and the last thing you want to happen is to celebrate it while you’re looking haggard because you were stressed the entire time.

You will also have to consider your spouse-to-be. Remember that it is not just your day but your partner’s as well. You should discuss together how the event should go to make it truly special for both of you. In most cases, men don’t have specific things that they want to have in their wedding. However, they may have a strong preference for the basics such as the venue (inside a church, at an open garden, in his hometown or outside the country) or the style of wedding (traditional or modern).

Then there’s the financial concern. Will hiring a wedding planner be much cheaper compared to sourcing your own materials? Will it be practical to spend for a wedding coordinator who already knows the companies who can help? If you’re thinking of DIY items, make sure you know where to get the best materials; otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your money and time.

There are couples who sat on their wedding, thinking how the event didn’t really reflect who they are. The best event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary, is one that the hosts and even the guests can relate to, and thus, creating meaningful memories that could last a lifetime. If you’re working with an event planner, it helps if you can work closely with her. But then, if you and your partner really want to personalise your wedding, here are valuable tips that can help you.

Decide on a theme that reflects you and your partner’s interests

Think about what you and your partner love to do together and see if you can arrange your wedding around that. Besides, having a theme can greatly help you save time when it comes to making decisions on many wedding matters such as the layout of the venue and the design of the wedding stationeries. It will also help you decide what kind of activities you want to include during the reception.

For example, do the two of you love sports? You can consider booking a football field as your venue. If not, you can decorate the location with colourful sports banners – and make sure they are also reflective of the sports teams that your guests love.

Add personal touches to wedding invites, decors, etc.

There are many ways to DIY your wedding materials. While it would be interesting to create them on your own and adding a personalised touch to them, there are some things you need to consider. For one, a DIY wedding item can look cheap if you’re not used to arts and crafts. So you might want to consider having expert assistance in creating your wedding decors, favours and other materials.

Don’t worry though. You can still create elegant personalised wedding invitations and other stationeries without the high costs. You can use online tools such as Pure Invitation’s invite designer where you will be guided step-by-step in creating the perfect personalised invite. You can then choose to order easy-to-assemble DIY kits or ask a professional to materialise your ideas.

Make each detail of the wedding programme special

Check your programme plans and see where you can add a personal touch in the ceremony. Perhaps you can choose your own set of songs – maybe some romantic tunes that are meaningful to you and your partner. Maybe the two of you can have a surprise performance for your relatives and friends – a show that will really make them say, “it is so them!” Or perhaps while the guests are having dinner, you can play a slideshow with pictures that tell your love story. Add pictures of your guests, too.

Choose a venue that means a lot to you and your partner

If possible, consider booking a place where you and your partner have special memories. Is it the beach where you first met? Is it the church where the two of you often go to? Is it the park where you officially became lovers? It’s also a great idea to inform your guests the reason for your venue so that they can share the excitement of knowing why the place is special.

Add meaningful accents to the venue

There are various ways to further make your big day special, and your creativity is the only limit. Consider hanging or clipping your pictures on twine or clothesline that runs from the entrance to the party area. Arrange these images in a way that they will somehow tell your love story from the beginning until you’re married. Or how about adding the family’s special dishes into the menu?

Don’t lose yourself amidst the trends

Bridal magazines, social media sites and celebrity wedding news are common resources used to obtain great ideas for your special day. But with the overwhelming information on the latest trends that you’ll be bombarded with, it can be easy to just go with the flow.

But stop!

Pause for a moment and analyse what you really want in your wedding. Don’t just pick the trendiest theme; consider how you can add a bit of your personality into it. It doesn’t mean you should avoid the trend though. If a vintage-style wedding is the “in” thing, then go for it if it’s really the style that is reflective of you and your partner.

Work with suppliers and professionals who know your style

Organising your wedding can be easy when you’re working with like-minded professionals. Whether you’re looking for photographers, florists or makeup artists, among others, it helps to look at their portfolio first to know their style. Make sure to discuss your plans with them to further understand how they can work things out.

Getting married is one of the special milestones that people can experience. So it just makes perfect sense if you and your partner ensure that your wedding will be an amazing event for the two of you.

Super Easy Tips How To Minimize Wedding Cost For Your Bridal Party

We all know that weddings might get a little bit expensive for the happy couple and their family. But sometimes we can forget that the whole bridal party is going to spend a pretty big amount of money for your celebration too. In order to make this great day more enjoyable for you and for your best girlfriends, here are a few, super easy and smart tips that will help you to minimize all wedding cost for all bridal party. Remember, that no matter how much money do you spend, emotions and good moods are keys to success at great wedding!

Choose Time Rather Than Gifts

One of the easiest ways to help your bridesmaids feel appreciated and keep them in the budget is to ask them to spend some time with you, rather than asking for gifts. Bridal showers are fun, but if your friends are frugal or just doesn’t have a lot of money to spend for stuff that only symbolized that they care, then better ask to go somewhere all together. Or you can plan and invite your friends for a craft day where the group can get together to help you with some simple but important wedding details like stuffing invitations, putting together decorations, filling favor bags, and so on. Always make sure, that your bridesmaids know that their time and support means more to you than anything else. By helping you with these little things, girls will make your big day more special and stress-free as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone because they will definitely save money and you get a bit of extra help!

Choose A Color Not A Dress

Another tip, to make your bridesmaids happier and keep them in their budget, is to give them some space and freedom for their dresses. Better choose one color and tell your friends, that you want that color to be their bridesmaid dresses and let them shop for what they want and can afford! In general, the bridesmaid dress can be a major expense, and it’s tough to pick one option that fits everyone’s financial expectations and body shapes, right? So better choose one color or multiple shades of it. This is how your bridal party can find dresses that suit their style, budget, and body shapes. If you’re worried that the range of hues won’t work together, ask each friend to send you photos before they buy. And then just have some nice well dressed and happy bridal party!

Gift Them Accessories

By gifting your girlfriends some cute little accessories, like necklaces, bracelets, earring, etc. you won’t only help them accessorize their bridesmaids’ outfits, but also will pamper them a little bit too. What can be a better way to “say thank” you before the big day, than with some cute necklaces that matches and symbolizes your friendship? By gifting it, you will definitely help them to save money because they don’t have to spend additional money on accessories. If you are worried about spending too much, then shop online and use various coupons! You can find many fashionable and sweet accessories at Kohls, and along with Kohls online coupons from http://www.chameleonjohn.com/store/kohls-coupon-codes, you can help yourself to stay in a budget and make your girlfriends super happy! So definitely consider this little treat.

Be Open To Negotiations And Suggestions

If you really want to make your bridesmaids happy, then listen to what they have to say! Sometimes it is hard to say that you might be struggling to afford all things for a wedding, so be an open-minded and caring friend that hears their friends. Also, if it happens to be a problem somewhere, negotiate with your bridal party to reach a compromise acceptable for everyone. Weddings should be a fun event, where people are happy and feel great together. Avoid any disagreements and listen to what your friends suggest – maybe you were wrong somewhere.

How To Look Your Best In Wedding Photos Without Editing Tricks

Every bride wants to look their very best in the photographs taken on their wedding day. This occasion is one of the few times you have the chance to wear a stunning gown and attract all sorts of attention. Therefore, looking great is essential. These handy tips will help you achieve a memorable day with little effort.

Find A Skilled Makeup Artist

While many brides may consider doing their own make up on their wedding day as a way to save money, this may not always be the right decision. Spending a bit extra to secure the services of a professional makeup artist can help ensure that you are wearing products that truly suit your skin tone and that flatter your face in photographs. In addition, professionals will use high-end foundations and eye make up that will last longer than your normal every day make up which will save time having to keep touching up your make up throughout the day and evening instead of celebrating.

Keep Lip Color Close At Hand

It is virtually impossible to prevent your lip color from fading at least a little bit as you go about the activities of your wedding day. In order to make certain that your lips are beautifully defined in every photo, consider popping a tube of gloss or lipstick into your floral bouquet so it is never far away.

Consider A Photo Shoot In Advance Of The Wedding

Consider scheduling a photo session with your wedding photographer ahead of the big day. You will feel much more familiar and comfortable with your chosen professional and will be able to relax when it comes time to take pictures on the actual day. The difference can be truly remarkable, and the time spent will not be wasted.

Have Faith In Your Photographer

No two faces or figures are the same, and a skilled photographer will know how best to flatter every type of subject. The professional you have selected will have the ability to put you into poses and get the best possible angles on your face to guarantee terrific images. Therefore, do not hesitate to listen to what your photographer tells you and take their stage direction seriously.

Men, Empty Your Pockets!

Something that far too many grooms and groomsmen overlook on the day of the wedding is the need to empty their pockets. Nobody wants wedding photos in which all of the men have strange bulges in their pants pockets. Make sure to find a safe place to keep any essential items during the wedding as well as the reception so that every photograph is as sleek as possible.

Pay Attention To Posture

The importance of good posture in wedding photos cannot be overstated. Even if you are wearing the most elegant attire and have the very best hair and makeup, if you are slouching, the entire shot will be ruined. Work on standing up straight and keeping your shoulders back. Consciously tip your chin slightly upward, and you will achieve a slim, streamlined appearance. There is nothing wrong with practicing your posture well in advance of the wedding so that it all feels entirely natural once the photographer starts snapping away.

Natural Light Is Your Friend

When dressing on the morning of the wedding, make certain to identify a room bathed in natural light. This type of lighting is ideal for ensuring that your skin looks perfect in photographs and your makeup goes on in an exquisite, flawless manner.

Do Less Posing

When confronted by someone with a camera, many people have a natural instinct to stop what they are doing and pose in a stilted, formal manner. However, it is often the more candid shots which have the most appeal. Natural reactions and expressions are great for capturing the true mood of the day and will form the basis of memorable images to last a lifetime.

Take Advantage Of The ‘Golden Hour’

Every photographer knows this, but make sure you are aware of the stunning natural light offered just before sunset. The atmosphere at this time of day makes for romantic, dreamlike images you will certainly want to have in your finished album. Taking just a small amount of time to take advantage of these magical moments can pay real dividends.

Consult With Your DJ

Prior to hitting the floor for your first dance as husband and wife, make sure your DJ knows to turn off any strobe or spotlights. That way, you will avoid having strangely colored lights and shapes in photographs of this special moment.

How to Plan the Perfect LA Wedding

The idea of tying the knot in Los Angeles is one that appeals to many people, and as a city it’s definitely used to plenty of last minute wedding decisions. However, if you’re planning a glamourous, well-thought out wedding day in LA, there are plenty of options for you as well. LA is known for its popularity as a wedding destination, so in order to have a perfect LA wedding that will really stand out from the rest, there’s a lot of planning to do. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of handy tips and advice that should come in useful when it comes to making your big day everything you want it to be.

Book in Advance

With Southern California being a hot spot for getting hitched, it’s unsurprising that many wedding venues in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas tend to be booked up quite a lot. Securing your perfect wedding venue may take a lot of careful planning in advance, so it’s something that you definitely shouldn’t leave to the last minute – you’ll end up queueing up with hordes of other couples if you do this. Whether you’re looking to book a classic LA wedding chapel or prefer a classy hotel function room, there’s definitely an option in the city to suit you but it might take some work to secure it for the day you want.

Choose Your Theme

Even though you’re getting married in Los Angeles, you might not be a huge fan of the typical, last-minute ceremony. And that’s OK, as there’s a vast number of options available. Because Las Angeles is one of the most popular places for couples to tie the knot, it caters for all tastes and preferences – so whether you’re looking for something traditional, out of the ordinary, or simple and classy – a little bit of research will bring up a wealth of options suited perfectly to you. From the Dodger Stadium to Catalina Island, you can go as niche or as luxury as you desire.

Give Guests Plenty of Notice

Unless you already live in Los Angeles or it’s easy for all your guests to get to, you’ll need to make them aware well in advance of the location and date of your wedding. This is just another reason why it’s crucial that you secure your chosen venue early, because as soon as you know where you’ll be getting married, you’ll need to get those invitations out. Being late with the invitations could result in an empty venue at the ceremony, especially if guests can’t get the time off work, can’t get transport, or are unable to afford getting there at the last minute. Giving as much notice as possible to your wedding guests ensures that they have enough time to prepare the trip.

Find a Minister

Unless you’re booking your wedding at a Los Angeles chapel that already has a minister available to perform the ceremony, you’ll need to book a minister – if that’s what you’re looking for – in order to marry you. As with the venues, ministers are particularly busy in Los Angeles, so again it’s vital to book in advance if you don’t want to be left disappointed and looking for an alternative at the last minute.

Accessories, Clothing and Extras

It’s up to you where you purchase your wedding dress, but if you’re really looking to get into the upmarket Los Angeles theme, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a vast amount of amazing bridal wear shops where’ll you be able to find a stunning gown to walk down the aisle in. As expected in a city that’s known for romance and luxury, Los Angeles is a brilliant place to purchase everything for your wedding, and you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. When it comes to wedding photographs, expect to be able to find a number of professionals fully qualified and equipped to do a wonderful job – but remember that they’ll be well sought after, so book their services as early as possible. For photographs, the city itself is an amazing setting, and with the help of a good photographer you’ll be able to get some stunning wedding snaps that you’ll be able to cherish forever.

Did you get married in Los Angeles? How did you plan your perfect LA wedding day? Whether it was a last minute decision, or you spent months and months planning, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

A Stylish Wedding on a Budget

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Weddings can be expensive but if you don’t have a lot of money to spare, you can still have a stylish day on a budget.


Choose flowers which will be in season on your big day. This means the florist won’t have to source blooms from overseas at extra cost.


If you are keen to have wedding favours, consider making them yourself. There are lots of craft websites where you can find inspiration but some good ideas include personalised cookies and other sweet treats. Some favours can also be used as table place name settings – saving even more money. Check out PrintGlobe for great personalised items including favours and more.


Why not save money on catering by inviting your guests to contribute their own favourite homemade desserts and cakes? The Great British Bake Off has made cooking and baking fashionable once again. You could even have a prize for the most impressive.

Wedding Dress

Having a beautiful dress does not mean having to spend a fortune. With plenty of forward planning and by taking the time to look around it is possible to pick up some amazing bargains. For example, at the end of the season many gowns will be significantly reduced in price, enabling you to pick up a bargain ready for the following year. Many stockists have sample sales, so check their websites regularly.

Summer weekends are popular for weddings and as such, tend to be the most expensive. By choosing a midweek or winter wedding, you could potentially save a third on venue costs. A midweek wedding means you will find it easier to book other premium services such as http://lemontree-photography.co.uk/, a highly popular wedding photographer in Hampshire.

Car Hire
If you know friends who already own a luxury car, why not ask them if you can borrow it for your big day?

Hair and Make-up

If you have friends or family with a flair for hair and make-up, you could ask them to create your wedding look.

With plenty of practice and a visit or two to a big name beauty counter for some advice and tips, a professional look can be easily achieved.

Alternatively, look out for newly qualified hair and make-up artists who are looking to build up their portfolios. Very often they will charge a much-reduced fee.

When wedding photographers speak out

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One of the most endearing traits of most successful wedding photographers is their ability to stay quiet even when faced with the most outspoken or emotional of prospective clients or members of a wedding party. There are times, however, when speaking out can be both beneficial and necessary.

When the client is being unreasonable

Being a wedding photographer means being in contact with some very emotional people but that does not mean having to put up with unreasonable behaviour. The key to dealing with such people is maintaining your own composure.

Do not be tempted to bite back. Instead clearly state that you will not stand for abuse or mistreatment and offer to meet with them to discuss matters when they are in a calmer state of mind.

When your professional knowledge exceeds theirs

If you are a wedding photographer in Hampshire, or anywhere else in the world, you are likely to be an experienced professional who knows more about what makes a great wedding picture than most of your clients ever will. That is why they employ professionals such as those at http://www.newforeststudio.com/, after all.

But it is also important to remember that clients probably have some ideas of their own in mind. The key, therefore, is reaching a compromise based on their requirements and your technical knowledge and experience – preferably before the big day arrives.

When there is a greater issue at stake

Florida-based photographer Clinton Brentwood Lee lost one of his clients after supporting gay marriage via his Facebook account. He could have stayed quiet about the whole matter but he decided to speak out and now, apparently, his business is booming. Read more about his story at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3144710/Wedding-photographer-slams-client-fired-spoke-support-gay-marriage-powerful-public-response.html.

The story made headlines across the wold, including internet sites such as AOL at http://www.aol.com/article/2015/06/30/wedding-photographer-says-he-was-fired-for-supporting-same-sex-m/21203267/. One important point to note is that Lee has refused to name-and-shame the client in question, so although he is willing to stand up for his personal beliefs he did it without compromising on client confidentiality.

In summary

Tact, patience and discretion can play a large part in wedding photography; assets that are often overlooked in favour of technical ability, innovation and results. But all successful wedding snappers understand that knowing how to handle people is as important as knowing how to handle their camera equipment.