One of the most endearing traits of most successful wedding photographers is their ability to stay quiet even when faced with the most outspoken or emotional of prospective clients or members of a wedding party. There are times, however, when speaking out can be both beneficial and necessary.

When the client is being unreasonable

Being a wedding photographer means being in contact with some very emotional people but that does not mean having to put up with unreasonable behavior. The key to dealing with such people is maintaining your own composure.

Do not be tempted to bite back. Instead clearly state that you will not stand for abuse or mistreatment and offer to meet with them to discuss matters when they are in a calmer state of mind.

When your professional knowledge exceeds theirs

If you are a wedding photographer in Hampshire, or anywhere else in the world, you are likely to be an experienced professional who knows more about what makes a great wedding picture than most of your clients ever will. That is why they employ professionals such as those at, after all.

But it is also important to remember that clients probably have some ideas of their own in mind. The key, therefore, is reaching a compromise based on their requirements and your technical knowledge and experience – preferably before the big day arrives.

When there is a greater issue at stake

Florida-based photographer Clinton Brentwood Lee lost one of his clients after supporting gay marriage via his Facebook account. He could have stayed quiet about the whole matter but he decided to speak out and now, apparently, his business is booming. Read more about his story at

The story made headlines across the wold, including internet sites such as AOL at One important point to note is that Lee has refused to name-and-shame the client in question, so although he is willing to stand up for his personal beliefs he did it without compromising on client confidentiality.

In summary

Tact, patience and discretion can play a large part in wedding photography; assets that are often overlooked in favour of technical ability, innovation and results. But all successful wedding snappers understand that knowing how to handle people is as important as knowing how to handle their camera equipment.