Stuck for creative wedding reception ideas? There’s absolutely no reason why you should be as there are seemingly countless things that you can do at your wedding reception. From wedding piñatas to cue cards for the bride and groom, if you’re looking to get creative and do something out of the ordinary on your special day, there are many creative wedding reception ideas to consider. Here are five to get you started.

  1. Waltz into the reception

Arm in arm is the traditional way to enter a wedding reception, but there are no rules to follow on your big day. Upon arriving at the ceremony and exiting the limo (there are some excellent wedding limos to hire in Perth for your big day) waltz your way into the reception.

It takes a bit of practice, and perhaps a few lessons, but it’s a wonderful way to start off your big day and the dancing skills you pick up will serve you well for a lifetime.

2. Play party games

From Twister to Giant Jenga, there are so many party games that are perfect for wedding receptions. This is a great way to get everyone up and out of their chairs for the guests who aren’t keen dancers. Crossword puzzles on the back of wedding invitations is also a great idea.

3. Photo stand-ins

A novel take on wedding photos, instead of having a photo booth in which guests can have their pictures taken, why not opt for photo-stand ins instead? There are some great stand-ins to consider and as they are very affordable to hire you can have several different ones set up to give your guests a great selection to choose from.

4. Hummer Limo

If you’re not looking for a traditional limousine to serve as your wedding chariot, why not go for something a little different, like a Hummer, a beast of a ride that will get you to the chapel in comfort and style. Wicked Wedding Limos have a great fleet that includes pink, purple and black Hummers, so if you want something outrageous, something that will really set your wedding apart from others, then a bright pink or purple Hummer could be exactly what you’re looking for.

These limos are very popular for hen’s nights, but as one ride in a fluorescent pink or purple Hummer could never be enough, why not repeat the experience on the biggest day of your life? You could even take your grandmother for a spin on the day, now that would make for quite an interesting wedding reception!

5. Hangover helper kits

This is a great idea, one that someone really should have thought of many, many years ago! If you’re expecting quite a merry wedding reception there will likely be quite a few hungover guests the following day, so why not give them a helping hand with a hangover helper kit to get them through the following morning?

A few Panadols, a little Gatorade, and even a fast food voucher, and your guests will have more than happy memories to wake up to. Start getting creative with your wedding reception today!