If you do not opt ​​wedding memories will thank guests for their presence on your special day, here are five sweet options that nobody can resist.
There are different types of favors for wedding , if you are looking for an option that works like detail and especially if it is used by the guests attending the wedding, in this article I present five sweet ideas to achieve your goal.
The memories for wedding are characterized as those grooms gifts given away to guests in order to thank for attending this important event in their lives. Be the kind of wedding keepsake for their choice is fundamental to base their choice on the usefulness of , ie your investment worthwhile to not end up in the trash or abandoned in place of the wedding. Who does not love the sweet details? Below I present five options for wedding souvenir of this style, if you also give a presentation or cute envelope will be a success:

A great idea is to give wedding guests as a keepsake for a small boat with pads wedding color adorned with a label that has the name or initials of the couple.

Another option souvenir gift wedding is a plump that are characterized by sweet snacks perfectly decorated for a wedding.

Certainly the chocolates will always be a sweet way to say thank you. If you are looking for something original can give a personalized chocolate lollipops with grooms name on the stick.

In our country is also sweet Picosito so give to guests as wedding souvenir some delicious apples covered with Chile is a great choice.

If what you want is a sweet and elegant keepsake choose some nice Macarons will be them like a glove.