We all know that weddings might get a little bit expensive for the happy couple and their family. But sometimes we can forget that the whole bridal party is going to spend a pretty big amount of money for your celebration too. In order to make this great day more enjoyable for you and for your best girlfriends, here are a few, super easy and smart tips that will help you to minimize all wedding cost for all bridal party. Remember, that no matter how much money do you spend, emotions and good moods are keys to success at great wedding!

Choose Time Rather Than Gifts

One of the easiest ways to help your bridesmaids feel appreciated and keep them in the budget is to ask them to spend some time with you, rather than asking for gifts. Bridal showers are fun, but if your friends are frugal or just doesn’t have a lot of money to spend for stuff that only symbolized that they care, then better ask to go somewhere all together. Or you can plan and invite your friends for a craft day where the group can get together to help you with some simple but important wedding details like stuffing invitations, putting together decorations, filling favor bags, and so on. Always make sure, that your bridesmaids know that their time and support means more to you than anything else. By helping you with these little things, girls will make your big day more special and stress-free as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone because they will definitely save money and you get a bit of extra help!

Choose A Color Not A Dress

Another tip, to make your bridesmaids happier and keep them in their budget, is to give them some space and freedom for their dresses. Better choose one color and tell your friends, that you want that color to be their bridesmaid dresses and let them shop for what they want and can afford! In general, the bridesmaid dress can be a major expense, and it’s tough to pick one option that fits everyone’s financial expectations and body shapes, right? So better choose one color or multiple shades of it. This is how your bridal party can find dresses that suit their style, budget, and body shapes. If you’re worried that the range of hues won’t work together, ask each friend to send you photos before they buy. And then just have some nice well dressed and happy bridal party!

Gift Them Accessories

By gifting your girlfriends some cute little accessories, like necklaces, bracelets, earring, etc. you won’t only help them accessorize their bridesmaids’ outfits, but also will pamper them a little bit too. What can be a better way to “say thank” you before the big day, than with some cute necklaces that matches and symbolizes your friendship? By gifting it, you will definitely help them to save money because they don’t have to spend additional money on accessories. If you are worried about spending too much, then shop online and use various coupons! You can find many fashionable and sweet accessories at Kohls, and along with Kohls online coupons from http://www.chameleonjohn.com/store/kohls-coupon-codes, you can help yourself to stay in a budget and make your girlfriends super happy! So definitely consider this little treat.

Be Open To Negotiations And Suggestions

If you really want to make your bridesmaids happy, then listen to what they have to say! Sometimes it is hard to say that you might be struggling to afford all things for a wedding, so be an open-minded and caring friend that hears their friends. Also, if it happens to be a problem somewhere, negotiate with your bridal party to reach a compromise acceptable for everyone. Weddings should be a fun event, where people are happy and feel great together. Avoid any disagreements and listen to what your friends suggest – maybe you were wrong somewhere.