You want the wedding to be a success? In this article we present a top 5 with the elements that make the wedding guests the best memories are kept and that the pass amazing.

Every couple who is organizing the wedding wants when that day comes everything perfect. The success of a marriage does not depend on how expensive it but rather certain elements that have to be present to generate a good atmosphere and good memories for guests. Here I present the top 5 that I created based on the dedicating my time to the world of weddings and the question What can not miss in a wedding? Obviously everything is important to achieve success a wedding, nothing should be taken lightly, but if you think there are elements that have more weight than others and therefore have to prioritize the wedding.

1. Weddings are synonymous with joy and celebration so first I put the music as critical to the success of a wedding item. When choosing, be it a group or DJ, I recommend you do the “evidence” of their work at a wedding as such. There will be nothing better to see and feel what happens in real time. As a bonus not forget that this element must be accompanied of accessories to create atmosphere in the wedding so that no stop dancing and amazing moment.

2. Another element to the success of a wedding is the bride and groom translated into the decor and details his personal touch. Think about organizing a wedding than a dub dub or is too classical or traditional. Think of elements that distinguish and to submit to have your stamp as a couple.

3. A successful marriage is related to wines and spirits. No matter if you do not take but alcohol at the wedding can not miss so make sure it .

4. I’ve always said that the guests are essential for a successful wedding. So forget to invite the typical commitments, guests uncomfortable and try to be younger than older folks. Remember is an important day and therefore must be the people who love and are happy for the step that will give.

wedding cravings

5. Finally do not forget all those sweet details and late in the wedding cravings.