Watch this idea of ​​choosing a wedding cake in gradient, a great way to complement the decor of the great day.

The wedding cake is no longer just dessert for guests, today the wedding cake is seen as an element of the decoration of the great day. If for wedding day would like to choose a cake spectacular wedding in this article want to introduce the option of finishing gradient. For a perfect wedding decoration must choose a concept or topic, if you want the cake to be part of the decoration of a harmonious, should to be based on the color and style of the wedding.

The idea of choosing a wedding cake on gradient is being developed based on the color of the wedding and a lighter to darker within the same range tone. If you think the idea of one wedding cake gradient is very colorful, there is also the option of choosing a white cake and are the ornaments which have the effect of washout.

Like a picture is worth a thousand words then I present a gallery of wedding cakes created by our experts Cake Design by Melissa Rizzi, Cherry Cakes, FLOWER & CHOCOLATE CAKE and Nuovo Dolce; Do you like?