If the wedding reception attended by children and wondered what to do with the kids at the wedding? We recommend that you do not take things lightly so that the wedding is a success.

If the day of the wedding attended by young guests, either by conviction or because they do not keep them otherwise, in this article I want to present a suggestion on what to do with the kids at the wedding?

Brides who read my articles regularly know that I believe that weddings are no events for children. However, all must not think like me or just can not escape inviting children to the wedding. If you have children at your wedding will have to take into account factors such as: choose a room or a garden wedding with children’s area, set a special menu and hire nannies and / or a nursery. The main objective of selecting a service of nannies and / or nursery for the children to go to the wedding is to have an entertainment and care for Dads children can fully enjoy the wedding Les save your life! Besides this type of service, to enable children at the wedding are fun and distracted, offered the couple no children running or misbehaving by receiving the . Wedding Here I present recommendations that are part of the business listing:

In Elegance nanny offer different packages, ranging from giant puzzles, legos, convivial activities, recreation, art workshop to Pintacaritas and film, all accompanied by cheerleaders, furniture and equipment.

Nanny Poppins Nursery Mobile gives comfort and tranquility to the guests and hosts thanks to its staff of Teachers Educating professionals who know well how to manage children and have a good time.

In Mobile Little Ones Nursery Santa Catarina offer children wedding activities like pool balls, nursery mobile, inflatable, balloon twisting, gym for babies, foamy floor, counters, etc.

In Kid Care is responsible for the care of children while guests enjoy the wedding with confidence that they are in good hands.