For engaged couples who share a love of all things beautiful, finding a wedding venue that truly reflects their personalities will require out-of-the-box thinking. Let’s look at some the options that creative couples might find just right for housing their big day.

Art Galleries

The obvious choice for artistic couples is an art gallery, but that type of venue can mean a lot of different things. Here are some of the nuances to consider.

  • Instant décor: If the ceremony can be staged in one of the display spaces, there is no need for additional decoration. The very walls of the gallery provide the visual interest.
  • Access: Guests ideally would be able to move freely about the building, enjoying the art while sipping wine and heading through the reception line.
  • Spaces: Attendees may be endlessly entertained if they can view both indoor and outdoor galleries throughout the event.

Interesting Architecture

Having breathtaking structures to explore during the ceremony and reception likely will appeal to creative couples. Here are some aspects of a space that may speak to them.

  • Interesting windows: Rounded, large, or stained glass windows that flood a space with light are likely to be enjoyed.
  • Mixed-use spaces: For intimate weddings, venues that serve double duty – say a brewery housed in a historically significant building – can wow the guests.
  • Period details: For crowds that have an eye for design details, an Art Deco space or Victorian museum might be just the right ambiance.

Repurposed Buildings

In other cases, couples might be looking for an unexpected touch for their wedding venue such as these options.

  • Industrial: Getting married in a working factory or a former dairy building will create interesting backgrounds for the wedding photos.
  • Schoolhouse: How about a large schoolhouse that now is a cultural center comprising art galleries, a ceramics studio, and a music-production room?
  • Half-finished buildings: Sometimes rubble can be romantic. Construction sites that are open to the air or old buildings that have partially collapsed are an unexpected ceremony option.

Out of the Ordinary

Finally, creative couples might just be on the lookout for the unusual. Here are some sites they might gravitate toward.

  • Boats: Many small cruise lines offer wedding packages.
  • Mountain tops: First the guests hike there, then there’s a party
  • Historical sites: Most people have not attended a wedding in the rotunda of a state capital building, but that could change.

Engaged couples with an eye for the artistic may be seeking a creative and extraordinary location for their nuptials. Many of the sites above are viable solutions.