If you feel you are a parent or girlfriend and you have said on more than one occasion it is time to put a stop for many reasons but mainly for you. Read these 10 tips to help you.

If they decided to read this article is because they think they are, or have made ‚Äč‚Äčnamely a controlling girlfriend. This type of wedding is what has always dreamed of your wedding and today is going, want to live stage intensely (otherwise you will feel that it is not) and dominate and direct every detail for a perfect wedding. There are different personalities Bride and each has its strengths and weaknesses. The pro of controlling girlfriend is having an enormous leadership and perfection, the downside is that her boyfriend and wants people who will want to run away. I present 10 tips for controlling girlfriend that help you be in harmony with the people around them and especially with yourselves for the organization of the wedding.

1. The first tip is a golden rule “Do not talk only about the wedding.” The controller having her earrings, concerns and emotions constantly on the head girlfriend does not realize that to calm their conversations or posts on social networks are only that day that will last a few hours. No saturated or bored her people nor to you.

2. Life goes beyond a wedding. If you feel that the issue goes beyond them and they have to spend 24/7 Stop! Make a calendar with schedule for planning and especially with rules. For example: x day wedding is free, after 9 pm unspoken wedding etc.

3. The reason why weddings are happening that two people who love found and decided to unite their lives to make a family. The controller girlfriend tends to forget or lose perspective because it is obsessed with everything to be perfect and without a single margin of error.

4. The controller girlfriend is very good with the achievement of objectives, which does not help to want to look up detail of the wedding. I recommend prioritizing the wedding and not wear so nobody will notice.

5. The wedding is the bride and groom so shall hear opinions, make decisions on business and trade. The relationship between the organization of the wedding and marriage is huge.

6. Brides controllers do not want to absorb all or die trying. Ask for help to her boyfriend, mother, sister, bridesmaids, friends etc.

7. Obviously if delegated tasks trust! and are not applying the status of pending hourly.

8. Watch your ways and forms if they want to finish without wedding vendors or until no future husband, ladies and family.

9. Get out of your mind those voices based on concepts such as what people say or to make comparisons with other weddings they have attended.

10. Relax, enjoy and be quiet putting your 100% because there will always be factors that do not depend on you.