Whilst there’s plenty of advice to be had when it comes to planning a wedding such as step by step guides, wedding checklists, wedding budget calculators, and so on, there’s not much to be said about actual tips from the experts. Wedding experts know all about weddings – they are, after all, professional wedding planners who have had years of experience. Are you getting married? Here’s a list of essential tips from the experts for planning your big day.

Choosing your wedding outfit

Choosing a wedding dress and shoes can be a difficult endeavour, as we’ve seen with those reality shows where brides-to-be almost (and most often do) cry with relief when they’ve finally found their wedding dress. But your journey to the right wedding dress needn’t be that hard – what you can do is try out party or cocktail dresses first so you can have a better idea of what style looks good on you and which parts of your body you’d like to accentuate (or hide). When it comes to wedding shoes, wear them around inside your home before your wedding day so your feet can get comfortable in them – it’s a nightmare to walk around on your big day with blisters on your feet!

The ‘wedding day’ diet

Lots of brides try to lose weight before their big day by either starving themselves or spending hours in the gym. Don’t do this – set a realistic goal, and make sure you’re still eating and working out right. There’s no sense starving or exhausting yourself; your fiancé accepts and loves you as you are, so keep this in mind.

The budget – and the honeymoon

Your wedding budget will undoubtedly include major factors such as the cost of the venue (although good venues can be had for a great price, such as a wedding venue for hire like Yeovil Court Hotel in Somerset, complete with accommodations, elegant banquet rooms, and delightful gardens), the cost of suppliers such as photographers, florists, and cake makers, and more, but don’t forget to plan for your honeymoon as well. One extra tip: if you don’t have a budget for a honeymoon, create one by having your guests contribute to it as a gift option with flights, excursions, accommodations, and so on.

Décors and wedding favours

If you want to save more on your wedding, you have some options when it comes to décor and wedding favours. Write your guests’ names on a plain card and place it in a small frame, which your guests can also take home as wedding favours. You can have your wedding cake served as dessert. There are many possibilities when it comes to saving money on décor and favours; if you know someone who is good with handicrafts, they can make homemade decorations and wedding favours as a gift to you and your would-be spouse.


Image attributed to Pixabay.com