You know what the difference between a wedding and a Mexican charro wedding, in this article we give the answer to organize the wedding you have in mind.

Many brides have written asking me on a theme to capture the wedding, I mean organizing a charro wedding Are imagine it? It appears that a charro wedding is synonymous with organizing a Mexican wedding, However if we analyze the meaning as it will have as a result a charro wedding is actually Mexican type, because of the culture that is printed on it, but that a Mexican wedding does not have to be a charro wedding. If you would like or are thinking of organizing a wedding charra, it must be based on one of the most emblematic of our country Mexican elements: charrerĂ­a. Just as its name suggests, the concept of horsemanship will be what makes the difference between a wedding and a charra Mexican wedding What do I mean? The culture of horsemanship is based on the figure of the charro, ie man dressed in a special suit, trademark hat and riding on a horse. So if they want to organize a wedding charra have to turn around the figure of the bride and specially minutes before the start of the ceremony in which the couple become husband and wife. In a charro wedding groom arrives at the ceremony Wedding riding a horse and looking like wedding suit charro costume gala. Generally boyfriend is charro family tradition and that is defined as charro must practice horsemanship. In a wedding charra also have to dress like groom your friends and family provided they are charros. In fact, as I said above, the groom arriving at the ceremony does accompanied by others also charros on horseback. In addition to organizing a charro wedding must meet certain characteristics, factors or elements.