Here is a list of ten colors for weddings in spring 2014, established by Pantone Inc., ideal to inspire and define the concept of decoration.

The wedding decoration has to do with the action of selecting wedding colors for invitations, flowers, bridesmaids dresses and fitted wedding tables. In this article we want to present what are the colors for weddings in spring.

Pantone Inc. , the company responsible for identifying, naming, communicate and keep track of the colors in the world, has presented the 2014 spring colors. If you are thinking What if the wedding is in 2015? These dyes inspire as they can be applied at the wedding in the same station but made ​​in 2015.

colors for weddings2

If you are lovers of the blue I recommend you choose the call dazzling blue which is characterized by imparting to the wedding decor a touch as the name says “dazzling.”
Second I present the tulip violet perfect if you like the purple and want to give it to the wedding a romantic and sweet air.
I continue with the radiant orchid also be part of the list of colors for weddings in spring 2014 was defined by Pantone Inc. as the color of 2014. This tone is perfect for creating elegant and stylish weddings.
If you want a wedding with a happy color the orange celosia is a deep orange to achieve the desired objective.
If you do not love the orange then I recommend you choose the freesia, a type yellow that will give much light to the wedding reception.
Another color for weddings in spring 2014 is the cayenne one type of pink salmon or type ideal for a wedding date this season coral.
In the list goes another type blue, the blue placid characterized be a kind pastel or blue sky that will give the wedding decoration classy and elegance.
If you will marry in spring and night have the option to choose the color dove, one Grey is perfect for mixing with a neutral color or a contrasting, depending on the effect they have in mind for wedding decoration. ringtone
continue with the color sand which translated into Spanish is sand and runs for a chic wedding.
Finally, one of my favorites, the hemlock ideal for weddings with vintage theme.