You’ve RSVP’d to the wedding, and you’ve blocked the date out on your calendar. Now the only thing left is your wedding attire.

It can be a little tricky to keep up with what’s appropriate to wear, though. So if you want to be a chic, fashionable guest, go for these 2023 wedding attire trends:

1.  Beguiling in Black-Tie Attire

Most weddings follow the black-tie dress code, which means a midi or floor-length dress (and jumpsuits, too) for women.

For men, it’s either a tuxedo or a solid-colored suit and tie ensemble.

A great thing about a black-tie wedding is the wealth of options available. The nightie/slip-style dress is one of the more popular ones, as it looks (and feels) luxe. The trend is excellent for hot weatherーwhich is expected in late spring/summer weddings.

2.  Wonderful in White-Tie Ensemble

A white-tie event is the highest dress code for a wedding. That means:

  • Women: Floor-length or ball gown made with luxe fabric; elegant jewelry
  • Men: Black coat with tails with matching pants; white bowtie, shirt, and waistcoat; black patent leather shoes with laces

White gloves are optional for both.

Despite the traditional rules of white-tie dressing, you can still add a touch of modernity to this posh attire. For example, you can opt for a 3D floral ball gown. It is one of the finest trends of 2023, with many designers hopping aboard the floral fashion train.

While the 2023 white dress trend is another good option, you might want to avoid it. Traditionally,  this color is reserved for the bride.

3.  Charming in Cocktail Wear

Cocktail is a popular wedding dress code associated with above/below-the-knee dresses. Men have more style choices, though, as this code can include anywhere from a full suit to a blazer, dress shirt, and trouser combo.

Many 2023 fashion trends easily fit this bill. The flower power trend, for one, is perfect for spring/summer matrimonies and laid-back wedding venues.

A popular sub-category is the impressionist floral style, which has been sported in many runway shows. But if you’re looking for texture, opt for 3D styles that feature pseudo-blooms, rosettes, and sequined floral formations.

4.  Cool in Casual Clothes

A casual dress code doesn’t necessarily mean wearing your favorite shirt and pants. You’re still attending a special ceremony, so you need to put some thought into it.

That said, it’s a great time to wear a cute dress, as you can channel almost all of the 2023 trends mentioned in this list. You can go for a short prairie, nightie-style dress or a 2-piece floral or resort-inspired ensemble. Just make sure to choose lighter fabrics, as you don’t want to look like an overdressed fish out of water.

The same can be said for men. Linen and cotton outfits are ideal; avoid jeans unless otherwise specified. Case in point: if you’re headed to a barn wedding, then denim will fit perfectly.

5.  Beautiful in a Beach Outfit

beach wedding



Beach weddings are particularly popular during the spring and summer seasons. So if you’re about to attend one, wear light, casual attire — ideally one made with cotton or chiffon.

Trend-wise, resort-ready wear should be at the top of your list. Think a printed linen frock or a boho-chic crochet dress.

Prairie-inspired styles are perfect, too, as they’re mostly made with lightweight fabrics and beach-worthy designs.

The floral fashions mentioned above make for fantastic beach wedding attire as well!

While men can dress down here and wear a cotton shirt and shorts, experts recommend going for a linen suit at the very least. Guests can always remove the blazer and wear a wedding-ready hat if it’s particularly sunny.

6.  Brilliant in Backyard/Garden Garb

Backyard or garden weddings have gained steady popularity ever since the pandemic. More than just offering intimate backdrops, they also bring beautiful green sights.

When it comes to this outdoor wedding, think ‘cute’ and ‘charming.’ And yes, floral, prairie-style ensembles work great here. The same goes for linen/cotton dress shirts and pants.

But if you’re headed to a cold-weather wedding, opt for thicker fabrics such as wool or velvet. Layering your clothes with a tailored jacket or a tweed blazer will help keep you warm, too.

7.  Fabulous in Festive Frock

The name speaks for itself. This code wants you to be as grand as you can be. Think a huge 3D-flower dress, a vibrant impressionist-style floral frock, or a voluminous ball gown.

And for men, it’s all about breaking free from the usual norms of black-tie or cocktail attire weddings. Here, you can wear a suit, dress shirt, or tie in an eye-catching color or a quirky pattern.

Ultimately, festive is the time to go no-holds-barred on your wedding outfit!

Weddings require different dress codes, but you can shine in every one of them. By following these tips on these attire trends, you can be promptly-dressed ー and fashionably forward!