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Budgeting for Your Wedding

Weddings are a joyous occasional where you get to celebrate the love you have with someone as well as spending time with close family and friends. However, weddings can get expensive really quickly, especially if you don’t have a budget set from the beginning. Here are some tips you’ll need to get great deals on many of your wedding plans.

Holding Back a Little Information
For some party product and service providers, hearing that your going to be celebrating a wedding could potentially add hundreds to your bill. If you are worried that the price doesn’t seem right, make sure that you are telling venues, caterers and musicians that you are a planning a party, not specifically a wedding. Unless they have specific wedding packages that provide additional services, you can usually get a better deal by being a little vague.

Getting Crafty
One of the places where the cost can get away from you is decorations. You can avoid the cost of having fancy napkins, centerpieces and decorations by dedicating some time to make your own. Not everyone is crafty, so if that isn’t your best skill set, you can persuade friends and family to help you out. Sometimes simple is best, such as tea lights placed in glass jars with ribbon tied around the lip. It takes a little time, but it will save you hundreds of dollars.

Choosing a Destination Wedding
When a local wedding isn’t affordable or you simply want to start your new life on a new adventure, destination weddings can be just as affordable as a small, local wedding if you look for deals. Atlantic City wedding packages, for example, can provide you with all of the services you and your significant other need to celebrate your love with those closest to you. It can also be a trip that is combined with your Honeymoon destination, saving you even more on travel expenses.

There are even more options to save when it comes to planning a wedding on a budget. With a little creativity and dedication to sticking with that budget, you can have the wedding of your dreams no matter what the final price may be.

Wedding Day Hairstyles For A Perfect Day

A woman’s wedding day is often the day she dreams about her whole life. Even the most agreeable bride can quickly lose it when preparing for this life changing event. The dress, the venue, the cake and the colors are all important. But in the big day, some of the tasks takes more priority. Last minute repairs can be made to a gown, a shoe can be super-glued in a pinch, smudged make-up is a touch up at worst. If you suddenly realize you’re missing anything, you can always buy it quickly. However, a bad hairstyle can really ruin the day! It can make a beautiful bride feel horrid and she will be reminded every time she views her wedding photographs. So, there are some things every woman should consider before the day arrives to make sure she is beautiful and radiant on her dream wedding:

Use a Professional

This is not the day to use your best friend’s cousin who is just about to graduate from Beauty College. Go for a professional, get references and check their portfolio. A professional takes into consideration your facial structure and its shape, your neckline, the jewelry you will be wearing and your veil. They will help you discover your best features and how to enhance them, as well as identify problem areas and show you how to minimize them.

Practice day

Make sure you book your day way ahead of schedule and confirm it! But, arrange a pre-day practice run for you and your bridal party. This day should be at least two weeks before the wedding so that, if things go wrong, you will have time for adjustments and have another pre-day if needed. Have a friend come along to take pictures. It’s good to take them from various angles at every step of the way, so the following day you can get with your group and review all the photos. Make notes of anything that concerns you and discuss the issues with the stylist.

Scheduling & Styling

  • Allow enough time for your stylist to work comfortably. This is not the day for “fashionably late”.
  • Keep the weather in mind and make sure you take all necessary precautions.
  • Wear something that opens in front to the appointment, such as a button down shirt. You do not want to have to pull your dress over your head after your hair is done!
  • Even if you do not usually use hairsprays, this migth be the time. Your hair will have a long day and you want it to be beautiful the entire time!
  • Consider your veil. Make sure you know how to place it and secure it, and if you are not sure have your stylist help you.
  • Consider paying your stylist to allow you to rent her services for the day to make sure you’re both prepared for touch ups.


How Mothers can help Prevent Children’s Dental Problems

Reducing the risk of children developing tooth decay involves taking them to see a dentist as soon as possible. It is advisable for children to begin seeing a dentist regularly by the time they celebrate their first birthday. When children do not receive the right kind of dental care, they face exposure to the possibility of extensive dental problems.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common dental problem that afflicts young children but the good news is that it is easy to prevent. Mothers can adopt health dental habits that will be useful for the prevention of tooth decay among children. The first visit to the dentist should take place within the first year of a child’s life. It is also a good idea to consider seeing a dentist when the first tooth appears.

Importance of Early Dental Visits and Fluoride

The advantage of early dental visits is that they effectively prevent dental problems from occurring. When your children have healthy teeth they will be able to chew their food properly, speak with ease and smile confidently. For children to develop healthy strong teeth they need fluoride. Fluoride is also essential for preventing cavities in children who are older.

Ensure that your children have adequate access to the fluoride they require. You can consult your child’s dentist regarding how much fluoride your child should have. Make sure that your children consume a healthy balanced diet that contains all the nutrients they need. Snacking should be minimal because eating a lot of sugary snacks can make a child more susceptible to tooth decay.

Limit Snacking

Cavities can effectively be preventable by restricting the amount of snacks that your child eats on a daily basis. Click on for information about dentistry. Preventative dental care, using fluoride and healthy eating are the critical aspects of preserving your child’s dental health.

Exposing children to excessive amounts of sugar from an early age will increase the risk of them developing painful cavities. Without proper and timely treatment, the young children will suffer from distress and an increased risk of infection. Painful cavities and infections can disrupt your child’s education, adversely affect sleeping patterns and make it hard for them to eat properly.

Professional Dental Care for your Child

Dental hygiene goes far beyond showing off a beautiful smile. Take your children to a pediatric dentist who specializes in oral care for children. Pediatric dentists are qualified to deal with various dental health problems that can affect your child. The dentist aims to provide preventative care and maintain the good health of your child’s teeth through regular checkups.

Taking good proper care of your child’s teeth and gums everyday will ensure that they remain healthy. As a mother, you pay a major role in your child’s oral health. It is important for you to be aware of the how your child’s dental health can affect overall health.

When you understand the fundaments of dental hygiene, you are in a better position to stop tooth decay from happening. You need to help your child acquire healthy habits that they will remember for years to come.


Susan Mayfair is a dental hygienist who is passionate about children’s dental health. Find out more about oral healthcare at DDS connections.