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A List of Essential Tips from the Experts for Planning Your Big Day

Whilst there’s plenty of advice to be had when it comes to planning a wedding such as step by step guides, wedding checklists, wedding budget calculators, and so on, there’s not much to be said about actual tips from the experts. Wedding experts know all about weddings – they are, after all, professional wedding planners who have had years of experience. Are you getting married? Here’s a list of essential tips from the experts for planning your big day.
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Choosing the right wine for your wedding

Choosing the right wine for your wedding can often be difficult with so much variety and so many people to please. Especially important, is choosing which wines to go for, as they generally account for around 50% of your alcohol budget. Red wine tends to go down a treat with most guests, and you can find really reasonable deals on reds at retailers like Tesco. But if you’re struggling for what types of wines to go for, here’s our top recommendations on some of the best for your big day.

N’ero d’Avola

Translated to ‘Black of Avola’ this grape produces wines which are robust and dark. Grown under the arid Mediterranean heat of Sicily, it remains one of the country’s most popular wines. It’s a great $10 – $15 option which pairs beautifully with red meats such as beef, venison or lamb.


Always a crowd pleaser, this red wine originated in Bordeaux, France, and is often described as ‘plummy’. It has a fruity character with flavors of blackcurrants and damsons. This makes for a very light, easy-to-drink red, and is a safe choice that most guests will enjoy. It’s grown throughout the world but South America is leading the way. Chile offers great value for money without sacrificing on quality. Merlot is a versatile wine and can be paired with many foods including lighter meats such as chicken and fish.


Image by Dhinakaran Gajavarathan used under the Creative Commons license.


Also known as Monastrell, this rustic wine is a great alternative to Cabernet Sauvignon. It was first produced in Spain but is now grown in many other regions around the world including France, Australia and the United States. The French Mourvedre is still one of the best, a full bodied wine with meaty aromas, mocha overtones and hints of dried herbs. It’s the perfect accompaniment to rich foods such as lamb shoulder, veal and rabbit.


This grape was first produced in south west France but is now more associated with the Argentinian region, Mendoza. This area produces a rich wine with an inky, dark color. A palate of black cherry, plum and overtones of chocolate make give a delicious and velvety texture. This is the perfect choice for roast beef or steak.


Named after a small region in Tuscany, this wine is actually produced across an entire region known as Chianti, covering Florence and Siena. It’s considered among the best wines in the world. It’s known as a fruity wine with flavors including strawberry, plum and cherry. It also has hints of tobacco, vanilla and coffee. With its high acidity, it pairs well with richer, fattier dishes. If your menu includes Mediterranean inspired cuisine with olive oil and tomato based sauces, this could be a great option.


Also known as Sirah, this grape is planted all around the world but its true home is the Rhone Valley in Lyon, France. This wine has a natural freshness and spice which pairs well with many foods. Grilled or smoked meat dishes work best and it’s a great winter wine for heavier meals. At the midway mark for price, you can find plenty of great choices for $20 – $30.

Before purchasing your chosen wine, be sure to sample all the options first. Family and friends can also help, which should give a good indication of the most popular choice, so you can stop worrying about the wine and start working on creating your perfect day.

When it comes to Online Shopping, Do Web Directories Help?

The world of virtual shops is huge and with each passing day a number of shopping sites emerge. The UK market is no exception. It is true that the internet has made it extremely easy for people to have access to a variety of clothing, footwear, accessories and the like. However, too many choices do tend to confuse you.

Where can you expect to find the perfect attire for your date with your beloved? Are you looking for the perfect little black dress? Do you want to know about the latest trends in footwear? Then you are obviously searching for some reliable information on all your fashion needs.

It is suggested that you try out a reputed online business directory UK for valuable sources of knowledge on online shopping options that are available across the nation. It is here that you will come face-to-face with a whole bunch of exciting offers on clothes, shoes, belts, jewellery and all such items you wish to buy through the online medium.

Top 3 advantages of opting for web directory for fashion requirements

With the right basis of information by your side, it is more than possible to get hold of the right footwear or dresses that you have always wanted via the most reliable web directory of them all. There is a huge array of instant benefits that you can enjoy to the maximum. The main three advantages are discussed below:

  • Everything under one single roof- When it comes to fashion requirements, it is obvious that the needs vary from one shopper to the other. You may be looking for a hot pair of jeans while someone else might be in a lookout for some fashion tips. Hence, the ideal online business directory functions as a universal fashion stop and caters to varied demands of people throughout the nation.
  • Simple to navigate- You do not need to be a pro to use such a useful website. With the basic knowledge of web browsing, you can grab hold of all the important information on UK fashion statements and other related ideas at once in the most simple and systematic way that you can imagine. Visiting the directory will open various options for you. Simply choose the apt keywords that fit your particular requirements and you are good to go.
  • Prompt service– There is no waiting system at all. As soon as you choose the keywords related to fashion, clothing, footwear or blogs on the latest trend and the like, you are directed to the popular searches. It is here that you get to shop to your heart’s content because you actually receive those search results in accordance to your demands.

Online shopping UK has developed to a great extent over the past few years. With the help of online business directories such as Hotfrog, it is now convenient to gain valid information on the popular online stores of the nation.

Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding Services

It is really a great big deal when you decide to get married and are planning a wedding. Not only do you have to figure out all the details such as your colors and themes, but you also have to deal with the logistics and all this on top of making sure you don’t leave anyone out or forget someone. Worrying about all these things can make the whole wedding seem stressful and destroy the best possible time of your life. Therefore, it is an excellent idea for you to hire wedding services because it is very difficult to be the bride and the planner as well.

Today, the wedding industry has become highly profitable and is absolutely thriving. Hiring the best wedding services can give you peace of mind and let you have the wedding of your dreams. You can find a number of wedding services by doing a quick search on, but in order to choose the best one for your needs, you can use the following tips:

  • Make sure the services are within your budget. Just like hotels have different price levels, the same is applicable to packages of wedding services. One of the toughest things for you to do is figure out the budget for your wedding. Of course, you want to get the best of everything, but it is not feasible for you to spend all your money on the wedding.
  • You should feel a connection to the wedding coordinator. When you begin your search for the idealwedding services, you have to find a coordinator whose personality compliments yours. You donot have to be an exact match, but you want to connect with someone who is willing to provide you the type of wedding experience you want. When you meet perspective planners and coordinators, you should evaluate how you feel. If you build a good rapport and feel comfortable, go for it.
  • You should be able to trust them and have gone through their reviews. You have to do a little homework in order to find the best wedding services to save yourself from the stress and headaches that come with an approaching wedding. This can be accomplished by checking the reviews of the wedding service you are considering to find out the time of experience they have provided to other brides and grooms. You can get an idea of what to expect when you hire the particular wedding service.
  • Do a consult. Typically, initial consultations are free of charge because they are a way for the client and the planner to get acquainted. This is when you can discuss themes and the planner can give ideas accordingly. Then you have the option of deciding if their design or styles appeal to you and go from there.

You can find a list of various wedding services from and check their reviews, do a consultation and go over their packages in order to make the best choice for your wedding.

Dealing with bad weather weddings

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The pressures on wedding photographers are many, but throw bad weather into the mix and the challenge becomes even more difficult. So how can wedding photographers cope when the weather threatens to derail the big day?

Being prepared

Photographers have little control over the key factors that determine much of the day but are expected to work with them nonetheless.

Take the venue, for example. With nearly 75% of couples choosing to wed in churches, castles and hotels, the news for wedding photographers is quite good. Venues such as these can be accessed beforehand in order to plan a full itinerary in the event of poor weather and this is something photographers should really take advantage of.

But what about the other 25%? Couples should not be put off celebrating outdoors or in an unusual venue, but they should be prepared to seek the assistance of professionals such as Nick Rutter Sopley Mill wedding photographer as experience is crucial in events such as these. After all, the best way to combat poor conditions is to have someone who has the technical knowhow needed to overcome any issues faced.

Rain, rain go away

Issues such as the infamous British rain. For a wedding photographer this can mean water damage to equipment, fogging as guests move from outside to inside and misty lenses. None of these make capturing memories easy, but they can be managed.

Having more filters than needed can keep the process of photography running smoothly as can some forward planning. For example, having a separate camera ready and waiting in each and every section of the venue – both indoor and outdoor – can avoid the wait as equipment acclimatises from the wet conditions to dry.

Cold comfort

With the British weather as unpredictable as it is, it is little surprise that more and more couples are choosing to wed abroad. But for those who choose to brave the cold from Inverness to Bournemouth photographer choice can mean that even freezing conditions won’t ruin the day.

Experienced photographers will know to carry extra batteries and all the tricks to keep the cold from getting to the guests. Practise, preparation and plenty of good humour will get both the couple and the photographer through whatever the weather throws at them!

8 Unexpected Ideas for a Completely Unique Oxford Wedding

Want to create a wedding reception that everyone will remember? The key is to look after the small details, and build a wedding that is perfectly suited to your style and personality. Whether you are having your wedding reception in an Oxfordshire country hotel or a stylish urban restaurant, you can make it a wedding no one forgets by incorporating some of these interesting and fun ideas.

  1. Give Some Stylish Welcome Bags

You can make all the guests that travel from across the country feel like VIPs in Oxford by providing them with their very own, Hollywood-style welcome bags. Include a few mini bottles of bubbly or some beer, some snacks, and a welcome note from the bride and groom, along with all the details about the timing of the event and where to go.

  1. Create a Wedding Lounge

Give guests space and peace to relax during the party by creating a special area with sofas, soft music, and some snacks. You can even enclose the area with curtains, VIP style.

  1. Serve Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

If you are having a late civil ceremony then serve guests a drink beforehand. Offer a light, mildly alcoholic punch or a classy fruit cocktail, and don’t forget to provide a non-alcoholic alternative.

  1. Provide Some Useful Souvenirs

If you’re planning a party with lots of dancing, provide personalised flip flops. If your wedding is taking place in the spring or autumn, pashminas are a good idea in case the evening gets chilly. If you are having a summer wedding at one of the wedding venues Oxford offers, set up a station with plenty of sunscreen and some pretty sunglasses for people who came without.

  1. Add a Make-Your-Own-Flowers Station

If blooms are important to you on your wedding day, get everyone else in on the act by setting up a station where they can create their own corsage or buttonhole with the help of some simple written instructions and the relevant pins and ribbons.

  1. Create a Child-Friendly Space

If you are having young children at your wedding hire a babysitter and set up a small room for the little ones to play when they get a bit overwhelmed with all the action, or when mum and dad need a break. Include some toys, some cushions and blankets, and even a portable DVD player and some DVDs.

  1. Create a Special Guestbook

Take a tip from the organisers at and create a guest book that is a little out of the ordinary. You could make a jigsaw with a picture of you and have guests sign each piece and add a message. Or include bottles of wine with the labels covered with paper so guests can leave you a signed keepsake.

  1. Drop Confetti during the First Dance

Let sparkly confetti fall from the ceiling as you begin your first dance, or have rose petals raining on you from above. Make sure someone is on hand to clean up right after so partygoers don’t slip on the glitter.


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The Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2016 and Beyond

The dress industry has evolved to where people don’t necessarily have to stick with the same ordinary items people have used in the past. This is especially the case with wedding dresses. Today people are choosing different wedding dresses with their own special accents and features. Many of these are based on recent trends. These trends for cheap dress show that the world of wedding dresses is truly changing.

Blue Is In

While white is clearly the color to wear when finding a wedding dress, some colored accents may be included. In particular, minor blue colors are being utilized. Specifically, a small hint of blue can be found around the edges of a dress.

The white color may also include a minor blue tint if desired to create a tone that is still white but has a darker style. The blue can be arranged all around the entire dress. When used right, it allows the dress to have a handsome style.

Fringes Are they Key

Fringes are being added to many cheap dresses. Fringes include hanging threads, zig-zag or curved cuts around the ends. Anything that makes the dress more detailed will certainly be welcome. Many dresses with these beautiful tones can easily be purchased online at stores like

Waltz-Length Is Appropriate

Most people associate dresses for weddings as ones that go to the bottom of the floor. They often do this because they think it’s more elegant and vibrant while adding a unique design that is unlike anything else.

However, a waltz-length dress may be a good option. This is a choice where the hemline ends at the mid-calf spot. It will not go all the way to the ground but it will allow parts of the legs to be visible. This is especially interesting as it allows a woman’s shoes to become visible.

What About the Shoulders?

The shoulders need just as much love as the rest of the dress body. Shoulder streamers may be used in some cases. These streamers are loose bits of fabric attached to the dress. These will hang off from the shoulders and will move separately from the rest of the dress. This creates a minor accent that allows the shoulders to become more visible.

Separates May Be Added

A cheap wedding dress doesn’t have to entail just one piece anymore. It can also include a separate piece that matches up in fabric or color and creates an extra detail. Matching pants may be worn alongside the dress, for instance. A small jacket may also be worn on the top. Anything that makes the dress more detailed while adding to its functionality will certainly be welcome. This is all provided that it matches well and doesn’t have much of an outlandish look that might be out of place.

These options for cheap dresses are proof that the wedding dress industry is going to evolve and change over time. The potential for these dresses to look more interesting and functional will certainly improve as people begin to notice just how much of a great look they can get off of their dresses.

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How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Most weddings are pretty similar and boring. Guests come and wait for the bride and groom to make vows before God and Father asks them to accept each other as life partners. As they do so, the food gets ready. It is served to the guests. After that there is a small dance party as an entertainment for the guests. The guests leave with nice wishes even gifts for the couple. That is what happens on most of the weddings and it looks pretty boring to me. Have a look at the following great ideas from Star Photo Booth on how to make your wedding stand out and make it more exciting:

  • Use thousands of petals to blow out of the cannons across the ceremony site at the time both the bride and the groom accept each other as life partners.
  • Give guests a place to take a break from the dance party and food by creating a space, with chairs, couches and pillows, at your reception.
  • Use hot air balloons or yellow school buses with the name of the couple written in the either for guest transportation. It will be a big surprise for the guests.
  • Serve pre-ceremony cocktails like juices or iced-teas to the guests. It will refresh them for the upcoming events of the wedding.
  • Set up a make-your-own-flower station for the guests.
  • Set up a photo booth for everyone on the guest list so that the guests can have memorable pictures and know that the wedding party is not special only for the wedding couple. Make sure to send them a copy of their photo after the party.
  • Think beyond the typical guest book. Create a jigsaw puzzle of your photo and let guests sign each piece. Or put out silver trays with engraving pens so guests can carve a lasting message on a useful keepsake for you.
  • Create a sitting chart which shows the exact seating positions of the guests and the relationships between the guests sitting next to each other.
  • Have fresh flower petals dropped from the ceiling when the couple starts to dance to make this moment a big one for both the persons.
  • There must be a video confessional booth where everyone must be allowed to make confessions.
  • Use creative lighting instead of the boring colors.
  • Make beautifully scripted table numbers, monogrammed cocktail napkins, and even bathroom-door labels that read “ladies” and “gents.”
  • Just when everyone thinks the fun is winding down, liven up the party with late-night nibbles that will leave everyone ready for an after-party.
  • Select the most spicy foods like BBQ so that everyone can have fun making what they are going to eat.
  • Have a great after party arranged at which there should be a big surprise for all the guests like an all night concert or a movie night and no guest should be aware of this big after party plan.
  • Make a plan for your wedding that no guest leave without a compliment for the party you arranged.
  • To have a record of the day, get your guests involved with live tweets, Facebook status or Instagram feed.

Fun Ideas For Your Grand Exit

A “grand exit” at your wedding is exactly that; the bride and groom making a mad dash away from their reception to get into a car and head off to their honeymoon. This traditional type of departure dates back for centuries, and typically the guests all line up along the exit path to form a send-off line. As the bride and groom make their way to their limousine or other vehicle, the guests usually make a grandiose ruckus to let the bride and groom know that they love them and are happy for their new union. Traditionally, the guests would throw rice or confetti in the air to rain down onto the couple as they run by, but rice can hurt or kill birds and confetti can be really difficult to clean up. Fortunately, there are some fun alternatives to use for your grand exit and send-off line, and these are some of my favorite ideas.


Basically, using birdseed is a direct replacement for using rice. Because rice can hurt birds, using birdseed will give the same fun and appearance with none of the drawbacks. Also, because the birds will eventually eat all the seeds, there is no need to clean up the mess like you would have to if you used confetti. So, in a nutshell, using birdseed offers all the fun of confetti and the look of rice without any of the harmful consequences or cleanup tasks.


Sparklers are a relatively new way to dress up your grand exit, but the market has received the idea with open arms. Allowing your guests to give you a sparkler send-off line is a great way to get the guests into the fun and excitement while giving the bride and groom a memorable farewell. Basically, the guests will light their sparklers and hold them up in the air as the couple dashes by them. They huge sparks and illuminated faces show up fabulously in the wedding photos, and the light that comes off the burning sparklers creates a very cool effect to highlight the bride and groom. There is also ne cleanup with sparklers, so they are usually allowed at most reception venues. Best of all, there are plenty of places offering wedding sparklers for sale at very good prices so you won’t need to spend a fortune to make this a reality.


Another great alternative that creates a really cool visual effect is ribbons that are attached to wands. The guests can waive their ribbon wildly on the sidelines of the grand exit to create a really exciting and busy look for your wedding photos without needing to light anything and without making a mess. The ribbon wands are also a great choice for any bride looking for a “do it yourself” project because they are very easy to construct without any real skillset. If you don’t have time or patience to make the ribbons yourself, you can buy them online or at your favorite party supply store for a very reasonable price.

Wedding Gowns Do Not Need To Be White

Though a white wedding dress may seem like the obvious choice for any Western bride, it’s not something required by any particular tradition. Did you know that white came into ‘fashion’ in the mid-19th century after Queen Victoria wore white at her wedding? Prior to that, blue instead of white, was considered the colour of purity…you’ve no doubt heard of the tradition for many brides to wear something blue?

Should you stick with white?

As long it works with a light colour scheme, many brides feel like shades of white or ivory will look good on them, so it is a popular and valid colour choice. It certainly was for me. In fact it’s considered to represent purity and innocence, and besides looking glamorous, it’s unusual enough as a dress colour to set apart wedding dresses from those for other occasions. There are plenty of striking, well-designed options out there in white specifically created for weddings. Must Read it Before buying the wedding dress.

Can a wedding gown be any colour?

Brides nowadays comfortably wear coloured wedding gowns in multiple colors and shades, not to mention designs. In early days, blue was regularly chosen because it was stylish, so too was red. Red is a traditional color chosen by brides in many Asian cultures because it is often associated with good luck.

Choosing a gown that best suits you.

What should you choose? Try looking for something that will go well with your hair, your complexion, and the attire that the rest of the wedding party is wearing. Pastels also are good choices for colours that are unique but tasteful. It is a good idea to try on a number of designs, cuts and colors to ensure the one you opt for ticks all the right boxes because after all, it can be a large outlay and it is for one very special occasion.

How should my dress fit with the overall color scheme?

While a coloured dress should complement what the groom and other wedding party members are wearing, it doesn’t have to necessarily match. It’s your wedding so you can make the rules!

You can follow the same colour as your décor, although you might want to use a more subdued tone unless you want the dress to stand out.

Look for an option that goes well with the other colours being used, the setting, and the theme. You might choose something yellow that’s closer to a sundress for a beach wedding, or a more stately blue or purple for something formal.

Besides Queen Victoria, in a later generation Grace Kelly also appeared in an elaborate white wedding gown which no doubt inspired countless other brides. Whether you follow the colours and designs of celebs or prefer to create your own style, don’t forget that there are plenty of department stores, boutiques and online sites, where you may just find the perfect wedding dress for a fraction of the cost. Give it a go. You may be surprised.

As long as it works for you, you shouldn’t let yourself be held back by any preconceptions about what a wedding dress should look like. Whatever colour you love and look great in is the right colour for you.