With red carpet fashion from major awards shows still filling our minds, celebrity-inspired jewelry trends are a hot topic. We’ll look at what celebrities are wearing and how those styles speak to existing jewelry fads for 2023. Let’s talk about these 5 celebrity-inspired jewelry trends, so you can try out your own high-end celebrity looks!

1.  Green With Envy

Exotically beautiful, the flash of emeralds is sought after, especially in 2023. In fact, gemstones of all hues figure prominently this year, but green was the color of the moment on the Academy Awards red carpet, which saw green gems flash in everything from bold necklaces to emerald rings.

Worn by Sofia Carson as a statement necklace, emeralds paired with diamonds made a clear declaration of luxury, as interpreted by Chopard. Jessica Chastain chose a suite of jewels by Gucci, providing that prized flash of green, again set off by diamonds. Meanwhile, Malala Yousefszai’s diamond and emerald flower ring by Santi Jewels dazzled. Get the look with any of these 32 semi-precious green stones or go for costume bling that brings the sizzle without the price tag!

2.  Statement Earrings



If you’re from the “go big or go home” school of ear adornment, 2023 is your year! Red carpets and runways this year fairly heave with shoulder dusters and unapologetically conspicuous statement earrings.

At the Oscars, Elizabeth Olsen plundered the august archives of Cartier for a pair of cascading, diamond and yellow gold earrings, while Mindy Kaling opted for a smoky quartz and diamond earring set in white gold, fashioned by Boucheron. The pixelated effect of this pair dusted Kaling’s shoulders, another key trend for earrings this year. Shoulder dusting chain earrings are just one way to put your finger on this massive 2023 jewelry impulse. Remember –- the longer the earrings, the closer to the fashion moment!

3.  Off the Cuff

The cuff bracelet comes and goes every decade or so and in 2023, it’s back with a vengeance. Chunky and worn under the elbow, slim and wrapped around the upper arm, or deconstructed in wrist-hugging metallics, the cuff bracelet is this year’s superstar jewelry trend.

The 2023 Michael Kors and Givenchy jewelry collections are all about the cuff, you’ll find it on runways and on the arms of the chicest celebrities wherever they go. At Tory Burch and Stella McCartney, cuffs were worn on both wrists, whispering of Wonder Woman. Duplicate the trend with one cuff or stack them on one arm. Wind a snakelike cuff around your upper arm and be the goddess the party’s waiting for. Just add crisp, flowing cotton looks for summer to send a luxe message. When it’s cold, stack cuffs over a long sleeve, turtleneck sweater. However you wear a cuff, you’ll be elevating your outfit with just one accessory.

4.  Go High

High jewelry is an almost undefinable, stratospheric level of quality in materials, artisan design, and construction. As you’d expect, this elite type of jewelry is available to those who’ve got the Benjamins to spend on it. High jewelry takes the work of iconic jewelers, like Chopard and Cartier, pushing it to an almost Olympian level. That makes these superior pieces collector’s items for people with big bucks to plunk down on elevated baubles.

But the art of high jewelry and its definition continue to evolve with mixed media artists like Daniel Brush democratizing it. His work, which has garnered praise from luminaries like Nicolas Bos of Van Cleef and Arpels, combines the ultra-fine materials of high jewelry with aluminum, stainless steel, bakelite, and other more humble components. Works of art, Brush’s pieces are moving the dial on high jewelry. Lady Gaga can wear all the Tiffany eggs she likes, but you can be just as chic with a keen eye and the work of ingenious artisans in your area. Or update pieces that fit your style bill with clever tweaks to suggest that high jewelry look.


5.  Chunky Punk Chains

Celebrity-Inspired Jewelry


Famed for the viral sensation provoked by their kilt skirt, Chopova Lowena is an emerging designer that’s challenging the fashion consensus on runways everywhere. Part of the brand’s iconoclasm is an appeal to the punk look of the late 1970s and early 1980s in the chunky punk chain.

Bassist for the famous punk band the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious was never without his chunky chain necklace held together with a padlock. This look is looming in this year’s trends, but Chopova Lowena shows it as a larger scale chain, worn close to the neck in gleaming chrome or on the ears in cascading, gold-tones. In this designer’s world, you mix your metals, creating a unique tonal effect that breaks the rules – and there’s nothing more punk than that. This year you’ll find chain jewelry around celebrity necks wherever those rarified creatures roam, from micro chains to big, chunky, Sid Vicious-worthy heavy metal. Go on. Do Sid Vicious one better!

This year’s array of celebrity-inspired jewelry trends has something for everyone. From the elite luxury of emeralds to the simplicity of chains from fragile and delicate to chunky and punk, 2023 is the year to embellish yourself with celebrity-inspired jewelry trends!