With the devastation and significant amounts of stress, worry, and upheaval that the worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020 caused, businesses throughout a broad range of different industries have been battling to proverbially stay afloat and continue trading. It was an uncertain and anxious time, no matter what niche or industry.

There have been, however, a wide plethora of various small business models that have not only remained solvent but have positively blossomed in the last year or so.

With that in mind, continue reading to learn of four small businesses that have certainly increased in both popularity and profit in 2021.

1.   Private Bartending Services

Companies that offer a bespoke and tailor-made bartending service, where fully trained, experienced and private bartenders are tasked with providing all the drinks and drinks service for private events, have seen a positive surge in their profits.

Naturally, even though local restaurants and other public meeting places have begun to re-open, there are hundreds of thousands of families who still feel much more comfortable hosting their celebration, function, or even wedding in the safety and security of their own home or garden.

Whether they specialize in providing birthday bartenders, wedding bartenders, happy hour bartenders, or a mixture of all three, such companies are raking in the profits.

2.   Personal Fitness & Exercise Instructors

For, perhaps, quite obvious reasons,companies or individuals who specialize in providing up-to-date nutrition and dietary information and exercise plans have positively thrived during the national lockdowns caused by Covid-19.

For the dedicated ‘gym bunny,’ the enforced closure of leisure centers and gyms across the United States meant that they had to find other ways to keep both their physical and emotional health and fitness levels as normal. Additionally, as many families found themselves with not a small amount of extra time on their hands, there was also a substantial surge in the amount of exercise equipment and home gym technologies over the last two years.

3.   Landscape Gardeners

Perhaps one of the most lucrative small businesses in terms of trading successfully and regularly throughout the pandemic was landscape gardeners and garden designers.

People were spending inordinate amounts of time at home and, especially during the summer months, turned their attention to improving their gardens. In addition, due to the nature of the work and the fact that it takes place entirely outside, some landscape gardeners, when the restrictions allowed, were able to safely isolate themselves from anyone else, including the homeowners, and carry out their work.

4.   Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning companies who specialize in cleaning people’s private homes struggled considerably during the pandemic, but commercial cleaning businesses, however small, frankly prospered.

Theaters, restaurants, public houses and numerous other public meeting and recreational venues were forced to close their doorsbut still needed to be kept as clean and sanitized as possible, both for the staff that were still working there and to be ever-ready as soon as the government decreed that they could once again open their doors.