With international travel largely back to normal these days, it’s time to start planning your 2022 getaway. Visiting a new place, either in your home country or abroad, is an unbeatable chance to relax, explore, learn, and make memories that will last a lifetime. The only difficult part is choosing where to go.

There are so many fantastic destinations out there, with the right option for you depending on the type of trip you’re hoping to have. With that in mind, here are four amazing vacation ideas to get you inspired. You might just find yourself booking a flight by the time you get to the end of the post.

1. Take a Cultural City Break

One of the most interesting aspects of travel is the opportunity it presents to immerse yourself in a new culture. From trying different foods and visiting museums to experiencing unique activities and learning another language, there’s a lot you can do on a city break to broaden your horizons. Europe has a wealth of fascinating cities to explore, including Oslo in Norway, Edinburgh in Scotland, Lisbon in Portugal, Vienna in Austria, and Barcelona in Spain. Narrow down your options by considering what sort of climate, food, and activities you would most enjoy – or combine a few different places in one epic vacation.

2. Hire a Camper Van and Explore the Wilderness

On the other end of the scale, if you want to get away from it all on your 2022 vacation, then hiring a camper van and setting off into the great outdoors is a top choice. You can rent a privately owned vehicle from a company such as Camptoo in the UK, and then explore the countryside in peace. Some of the world’s best destinations for such road trips include Wales, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Iceland, which all have epic hiking spots to discover.

3. Chill Out at a Beach Resort

Fancy some warm weather and relaxation? Put a beach vacation at the top of your list. With crystal clear waters gently lapping at sugary white sand, it’s the perfect way to destress and forget about work. Those who enjoy a bit more action can also try their hand at surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, scuba diving, and other ocean activities. Top locations to consider include Barbados, the Maldives, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Hawaii. For extra luxury, pick out a top resort with its own private stretch of coastline or opt for an all-inclusive package.

4. Tick Something Off Your Bucket List

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent just how important travel is, and how easily it can be taken away. As such, if there’s a dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on but never got round to, now is your chance. Want to see the sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji? Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef? Spot elephants and lions on safari in Tanzania? Visit The Great Pyramid of Giza? Hike to Machu Picchu? Witness the Northern Lights? Whatever is on your bucket list, start planning how you can tick it off in 2022. You won’t regret it.