When it comes to living your best life, showing up as your best self is essential. The way you look is often an extension of how you feel. Dolce & Gabbana is the first name in luxury and glamor, not only in fashion but also in beauty and makeup. Known for innovative and high-quality products that elevate your makeup routine, the brand brings you these makeup must-haves that help you make the most of every moment.

All in Favor Say “Eye”

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then yours deserve the best treatment. Dolce & Gabbana brings you Devotion Extreme Volume Mascara. It boasts a unique hourglass-shaped brush for perfect coats, lifting your lashes for dramatic volume and high definition. Our smudge-proof formula is long-lasting, ensuring lashes are flawless and fabulous throughout your day.

The Eyes Have It

Speaking of eyes, Dolce & Gabbana Felineyes Intense Eyeshadow Quad is the perfect complement to our Devotion Extreme Volume Mascara. This palette includes four richly pigmented shades that are as multifaceted as you. Whether the moment calls for smoky and dramatic eyes or everyday neutrals, you can achieve matte or shimmery looks that keep other eyes always on you.

Let Your Light Shine

Showing up as your best self also means letting your light shine. With the Devotion Illuminating Face Powder, you can’t help but glow. This oil-infused luminizer provides up to 16 hours of radiance, enhancing every skin tone. Skincare is a critical component of beauty, dominating the cosmetics industry. Our Face Powder blends the power of powder and liquid ingredients, including naturally sourced ingredients to boost collagen production for a better and more beautiful you.

Lip Service You’ll Love

No face is complete without beautiful lips. Dolce & Gabbana Devotion Liquid Lipstick in Mousse is your go-to for beautiful, long-lasting lip color. Fall in love with this innovative liquid lipstick that brings you the best of both worlds: the deeply pigmented vibrancy of lipstick and the comfortable feel of a mousse. Your lips may become the star of the show thanks to a lightweight, moisturizing formula that delivers coverage for 16 hours. It’s available in nine shades.

Beauty That Makes Them Blush

Sometimes the moment calls for a little “cheekiness.” Turn heads and make waves in all the right ways with Dolce & Gabbana’s Blush of Roses Cheek Powder. Give your cheeks a soft and natural glow with this blush that feels as natural as your skin. Formulated with our innovative Mediterranean Glow Complex, this pressed powder is luminous and lightweight.

Just a Touch of Color

Every face deserves a beautiful foundation. Give your canvas the care it needs with Dolce & Gabbana Millennialskin On-the-Glow Tinted Moisturizer. Lightweight and illuminating, this tinted moisturizer provides sheer coverage while also hydrating the skin. It offers SPF 30 protection, shielding your face from harmful rays. This is a must-have when life calls for a natural, no-makeup look.

Make Every Moment Count

When you trust your face to our innovative and luxurious formulas, you’re always in the moment. These are just a few products that will become staples in your makeup routine. Treat yourself and others to the beautiful magic of Dolce & Gabbana makeup.