Most couples stick to the classic white color when deciding on the color palette for their wedding. Choosing white is a sensible choice to make considering how it lends an air of purity and class to your big day.

White is a safe option to stick to but a dash of color will add more life to your wedding. However, the wrong colors can just as easily put a blot on your special day. If you want to know how you can add more colors to your wedding without overdoing it, then you’re at the right place!

Picking A Color Palette

The trick is to know how to pick good color palettes and incorporate them the right way. Picking the right colors will help you set the tone for your wedding day and make it more vibrant and unforgettable in pictures and memory.

Choosing Your Aesthetic

Before you actually start picking out colors, you need to keep in mind the kind of aesthetic you want. From rustic, modern, and vintage to romantic and bohemian – there are a lot of themes to choose from to add a put-together look to your wedding.

Of late, bohemian has become the go-to aesthetic for many couples for its simplicity and charm.

Bohemian-style weddings are easy to put together with elements inspired straight from nature for a free-spirited and relaxed vibe.

There are several Bohemian color palettes you can choose from. Here are some of our favorite color palettes that you can pick from but don’t shy away from experimenting while zeroing in on the color palette you want:-

●      Rust Orange And Peach

Palettes with a mix of warm oranges and peaches are a classic choice for weddings. Reminiscent of the fall season, these hues will add a touch of homeliness to your venue.

●      Lavender And Burgundy

Shades of lavender and burgundy exude a powerful and regal air. If you want your wedding to look and feel luxurious, this is the palette for you.

●      Black And Gold

Black and gold palettes are a bit unconventional yet a bold choice. As long as you keep the blacks to a minimum for adding highlights and contrasts, it will work in tandem with the shades of gold to add a touch of elegance.

Subtly Incorporating Colors

Remember the key is to add the colors in a way such that one doesn’t overpower the other. It should look subtle and seamless. Do not force the colors together.

Get a feel for different color palettes and you’ll see what looks the best when put together. Here are some ways you can incorporate your chosen color palette or colors in general to your wedding without going overboard:-


The easiest way to add colors to your wedding is through decor. Splurge on some cute bohemian wedding decor supplies in the colors you picked. Ask your wedding planner to help you select the choicest of decor pieces to accentuate the look and feel of the venue.

Tables need to be paid special attention to. Pick out the centerpieces, table cloth, candle holders, table numbers, and others that complement the bohemian color palette you have chosen as your theme.


Special events call for special event dresses. Add your chosen colors subtly to your and your partner’s wedding outfits. A pocket square for the groom and a sash or bow for the bride will do the trick. Pick a bouquet with flowers in your favorite colors if adding it to your dress seems too much.

You can ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen to follow the color theme in their dress code too. Color-coordinated dresses are a great way to infuse color into your wedding.

If you are looking for “after the wedding” dresses or dresses for engagement photos or bridal events, we recommend trying out some cute floral dresses to mirror the boho theme of your wedding.



Finding a venue is a herculean task. Decorating it even more so. So while you’re browsing through your checklist for wedding venues, make a list of items you need such as drapes, curtains, and lighting in the colors from your palette.

Ensure that the venue and the decor complement each other. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding or an indoor one, the right decor in the right colors will help you set the mood.

Foods And Drinks

The wedding cake is the center of attraction at the wedding. Ask your baker to incorporate your color palette into the wedding cake through the small details in the icing.

While you decide on a menu of fun foods for the wedding celebrations, try to see if you can find ways to incorporate the colors in them as well. For example, you can serve a welcome drink that incorporates the colors from your palette.

Another way to include color is through the use of personalized cutlery. You can also add colors to items like food menus, napkins, and more.

Finishing It Off In Style

From the wedding invitation to the parting gifts, there are many ways you can add colors to make your wedding more fun and colorful. Ribbons, confetti, and other small decor items are always a good way to subtly add more colors. Just remember to keep it minimal yet bold!