A garage door is a defining factor for the home regarding aesthetics, no matter how fashionable your front door might be or how well-manicured your front yard is. 

However, there is more than beauty to think about when installing a garage door, such as safety and security, durability, and maintenance needs, among other things.

If your garage door is jerking, screeching, or not staying level, it might be time to invest in a new one. 

Garage doors are not the same across the board, so it’s prudent to contemplate what style and type you need before building one. 

It’s going to be a regularly used and visible part of your home for years once you install the door. For this reason, you might want to think in-depth about how you want it to look.

Things to consider when choosing your garage door:

Safety and Security

With garage doors being a popular entry point for burglary in recent years, protection is one of the most important aspects for many homeowners when choosing a garage door.

Some of the garage doors have openers equipped with roll-code technology. With this capability, every time the remote is used by someone, the security code is modified. 

This helps prevent unauthorized individuals from stealing your garage door opener code, which comes in more than a billion variations.

Installing a garage door opener with safety sensors is ideal for garages often used and if you have children or pets.

If the sensor detects something in its door path as it closes, it either stops or reverses the directions. 

This feature has been an industry standard since 1993, which Pflugerville garage door repair techs know. 

Types of Materials

Garage doors are available in metal, specifically steel, which is the most durable, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, vinyl, and more.

Sometimes people who want to make a visual appeal choose wood, which requires much maintenance.

Steel is the most prominent and economical of all the options.

Fiberglass is robust but can crack easily if exposed to harsh climates.

Aluminum resists corrosion and performs well in areas where moisture may be an issue.

Vinyl is a somewhat new garage door material, which is strong and easy to maintain.

Matching Your Home

If you’re trying to build a garage door that complements your home’s theme and your neighborhood, or maybe windows in the door or just a solid door panel, it may come with a cost.

Garage doors come in numerous models, so take the time to choose the one you want that will also match your budget.

The cost will be a significant factor in choosing your garage door, but it should not be the only one since you’ll be looking at it for many years. 

Austin’s Greater Garage Doors will help you put together a package with the features you need while operating inside your budget.

Syncing With Your Smart Device

Homeowners should consider attaching a smartphone or wireless keypad to your garage door opener to improve your convenience.

The garage door is an important addition to your home that you’ll use every day for years to come. Looking at the above, you’re sure to get a door that’s sturdy, beautiful, and practical.