When you get married, there are many changes for which you will be excited to experience. Some of these are as simple as having a new last name and a ring to wear, but others will have bigger impacts on your lifestyle. Planning your new home together as a couple is something that takes a lot of time and consideration.

Of course, you and your partner might well have been living together before, but now things are going to open up in a way that you can begin to plan and focus on your future dream home. Obviously, when two people are involved, certain compromises have to be made in order to ensure that both parties are living in a space that fits their own ideal as much as possible.


Even when you move into a new place, and you’re deciding what you like more about one property than another, it’s important to understand that many things are subject to change. For example, if you’re finding that you have a concern about the amount of natural light and air being allowed into a home, know that the windows aren’t necessarily set in stone. You could explore changing the windows entirely and look at alternative designs like Georgian windows. These traditional character-style windows will let in plenty of light whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.

Although things like the windows, wallpaper, and paint can be changed, some aspects cannot be easily fixed to please both you and your partner. For example, if your partner wants to live on a main road and you don’t, you will have to discuss this to come to a compromise. After all, you have to live there together, so it’s important to find peaceful solutions where possible.


Other than the specific details of where the property is situated within a particular town or city, you and your partner will need to agree on the wider issue of where that town or city ends up being. The exact nature of this location will change many things, such as the friends and family members you are closest to and the kind of means of access you have nearby.

With this in mind, it makes sense that certain places are going to appeal to one person more than the other. Being close to people you care about is important for both of you, so keep an open mind.


Many people have an idea of how their life will turn out, and they don’t like to deviate from this. For you or your partner, this might include having a pet, which is a massive life decision. While deciding to introduce a pet into your home is an exciting thing to do, it needs a lot of thought as the care and training you will need to provide will be hard work.

If this applies to you, but your partner finds that they’re opposed to this, it naturally might lead to some conflict. Once again, it’s important to understand the element of compromise and how that can lead to your co-habitation being an overall more comfortable experience for you both.