Those living in the United States have long chosen Hawaii as their number one choice for a honeymoon, but in recent times even those living in other nations around the globe are listing this amazing state as their first choice for honeymoon locations. Why is that? Here we take a look at why so many couples long for an idyllic honeymoon cruise to Hawaii and at least a week in this spectacular tropical paradise.

1. Perfect Weather All Year Long

Although June weddings are statistically higher than in any other month of the year, it is silly to think that all weddings take place in late spring or summer. Couples tie the knot every month throughout the year and a honeymoon location that has perfect weather in any given month is going to be an ideal location. Hawaii is that place and it has often been said that this is the one spot on earth that you can count on always to have perfect temperatures which are usually never too hot or too cold. The only factor which may be an issue are the tropical monsoons (hurricanes) that crop up in the hottest months over the Pacific. Other than that, you can count on temperatures that average in the 80’s (Fahrenheit) all year long.

2. Romantic Scenery Everywhere You Go

No matter which island you choose for your honeymoon, you will be surrounded by some of the most romantic scenery imaginable. From tropical beaches to majestic mountains, there is no place on earth quite like Hawaii. To get an idea of just what awaits you on any one of the islands, you might like to visit the Go Hawaii website where you will find the most scenic spots on each of the main islands. They suggest visiting the North Shore on Kauai, for example, to see the Napali Coast that has a totally awesome view of the mountains inland. Each island has scenery more lovely and vegetation more lush than the one before, so you can delight in nature and each other all at the very same time.

3. Far Removed from Family and Friends

Another factor which rates highly with couples seeking the perfect honeymoon location is the fact that the Hawaiian Islands are far removed from family and friends. When taking a cruise to Hawaii you will certainly have privacy, but once on the islands, there are no friends and family popping by to see how the newlyweds are getting on. Altogether too often couples will choose a honeymoon spot on land where a long lost relative or friend ‘just happens’ to reside. Few will have this problem in Hawaii unless, of course, someone you know honeymooned there and decided to make this island paradise their home!

4. Luaus and Beach Side Entertainment

A big part of the attraction of Hawaii is the traditional beach side luaus and entertainment on all of the islands. Pigs are roasted at night in open pits, Hawaiian dancers demonstrate the hula and drape leis around the audience’s necks. Nothing is more romantic than an evening on the beach, watching the local entertainment with the backdrop of ocean tides and tropical scenery. Really, what could be more romantic than sipping a glass of champagne on the beach with the warm fingers of a gentle breeze flowing through your hair?

5. Tradition

Finally, a huge number of couples choose Hawaii because it is traditionally the number one location on earth for a honeymoon. For more than 150 years, couples have been honeymooning in paradise and so it is the place that comes first to mind. There must be a reason why it is such a popular location for newlyweds and if the above reasons aren’t enough, tradition is often a deciding factor. There is no time of year that isn’t just as ‘comfortable’ as other times and so Hawaii remains traditionally one of the most idyllic spots for that romantic getaway.

If you are booking a cruise to Hawaii for your honeymoon, you may want to check into whether or not you will be staying on the islands for any length of time or if you can extend your stay by catching the next cruise back to the mainland. Even if you have never been to any of the islands of Hawaii, you will see why so many suggest you stay at least a week. This is one location that you will regret leaving and why a cruise that spends nights on shore or allows you to book a different return journey is suggested. Nothing is more romantic than Hawaii for a honeymoon, so take the time to check it out early enough to guarantee reservations. You’ll be so very glad you did.