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5 Reasons Why Lots of Newlyweds Choose Hawaii for Their Honeymoon

Those living in the United States have long chosen Hawaii as their number one choice for a honeymoon, but in recent times even those living in other nations around the globe are listing this amazing state as their first choice for honeymoon locations. Why is that? Here we take a look at why so many couples long for an idyllic honeymoon cruise to Hawaii and at least a week in this spectacular tropical paradise.
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Phrases That Will Help You Score Deals When Traveling

If you think there’s no such thing as magic words, think again: certain phrases can score you big savings when traveling. When the following phrases don’t work as planned, use a website like Hipmunk to save on your travel accommodations.

Phrase: Has the price gone down?

Between the time you book your reservations and the time of your actual trip, airline and hotel rates can fluctuate. As your trip draws near, regularly check in with your airline and hotel to find out if the price has dropped. If it has, ask for a refund for the different or cancel your reservation and then book it again.

Phrase: I’m flying alone.

Airlines try their best to seat families together. If they know you’re willing to move your seat, there’s a chance that they’ll put you in a business class or first class seat. It’s more common to have empty seats in these areas than in coach.

Phrase: I’m in the military.

Some travel vendors, like cruise lines, offer discounts for military members. Other times, you may find that a kind passenger will happily give up their first class seat for you as a “thank you” for serving in the military.

Phrase: I’m traveling with children.

Often, hotels will upgrade you to a larger room or suite at no additional charge. You’ll probably be able to get late checkout, too.

Phrase: We’re on our honeymoon!

According to Budget Travel, readers have had good luck with getting an upgrade when they tell the airline or hotel personnel that they’re newlyweds and are traveling for their honeymoon. Keep in mind that hotels tend to be more accommodating to newlyweds than airlines, but it’s worth a shot at both places. Only use this phrase if it’s actually true, though! Otherwise, you won’t be able to answer any questions if you’re questioned about your wedding.

Phrase: Will you give me an upgrade?

The beauty of this phrase is that it’s straight and to the point. Plus, it works a lot of the time! You can’t get what you don’t ask for, and sometimes simply coming right out with your request is enough to make a travel vendor scramble to accommodate you. Ask politely and, if the vendor doesn’t answer at first, wait quietly. There’s no need to fill the silence. You may get a free upgrade or you may be offered one at a discounted price. When it comes to hotels, the best way to get an upgrade is if you’re a business traveler checking in on a weekend.

Phrase: Would you like a bar of chocolate?

Admittedly, this is a strange question to ask a stranger. However, John E. DiScala, the Founder of a travel advice website, claims that this tactic works about 50% of the time. He simply brings large chocolate bars along with him, offers them to the gate and flight crews, and enjoys upgraded seating.

Phrase: You can bump me!

Most of the time, it’s not fun for the passenger nor the airline to bump a customer. However, if you offer to be bumped, the airline will be relieved and will also reward you for your willingness. Often, you’ll get a first class seat on your scheduled flight and won’t have to take the bump at all. However, be prepared to actually get bumped if you’re going to offer.

Don’t come home from your vacation wishing you’d spoken up. Use these phrases to make booking travel accommodations easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable.

This article was contributed by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, a travel website that offers customers a fast and easy way to find the best travel deals.

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Five factors to decide the honeymoon

Before you get to plan the honeymoon we recommend you have in mind the five factors to decide, are very important for a perfect and successful outcome.

Already know where to go for honeymoon? I present five factors to be taken into account before deciding whether or start organizing such an important trip. I recommend that you do not forget to hire a travel agency and leave everything in his hands. Believe me between the organization of the wedding, finding the place where they will live and moving will feel much less stress if they do.

No doubt the first factor to decide is related budget honeymoon. It is very important to sit with your partner and be realistic when establishing how much they want or can spend for this trip. Within spending nothing enters transport and accommodation, do not forget to take into account meals, transportation, entertainment etc.

The second factor has to do with the time they have for the honeymoon, ie, many couples will work so that they can take certain days of vacation. It is needless to say that the time will have to travel directly related to how far you can go. It is important to take into account for your honeymoon not spend more time in a conveyance that destination or not wanting to visit many destinations in a short time.

The third factor has to do with the relationship between the
Honeymoon and month of the year wanting to travel based on the weather, rainy, if high or low season etc. So, as I mentioned above, must contact the experts.

The fourth factor has to do with anticipation to organize the trip honeymoon. The longer be taken to organize more options available will.

Finally, the fifth factor has to do with taste, personality and goals of the couple.

An unforgettable honeymoon!

The honeymoon is an experience you will remember a lifetime, so it is important the previous organization and above all, the right choice of a travel agency.
It is best that you choose a good travel agency specializing in unique, which give you assurance of knowing the destination from experience. Thus, knowing your tastes and expectations, we can recommend the best places that you should go and the places however, not worth visiting. We will advise on hotels more special, the restaurants most original and magical hidden places. An expert’s view that will help to make a honeymoon unforgettable.

The agency also has to offer a guarantee to unforeseen: lost baggage, problems with reservations, theft, etc. It is essential for your tranquility and enjoyment you have someone to take care of any unforeseen and seek solutions. Hire a travel insurance with good coverage is also very useful, although normally agencies should have it all planned. Also have to inform the political situation, vaccines (if necessitates any), visas, risks …

You must feel comfortable and free when expressing your opinion, they will consider your wishes and best advise you so that you can fully enjoy your destination.

Now all that remains is to pack up and enjoy!

The ABCs of honeymoon in 8 steps

1- You are not obliged to spend est all your savings to enjoy an adventure. More and more often put on the wedding list your honeymoon.
2- To choose your destiny there are 3 factors: the budget, the time you disposition and your preferences!
3- When you reserve your journey, precised that is a honeymoon. Os you can benefit from some interesting advantages: the class of airplane, significant reductions offered tours or transfers, VIP treatment …
4- care when you reserve a honeymoon, usually have a year to do it. Otherwise, you risk losing certain advantages related to your status “Honeymooners”.
5- Before embarking on the other side of the world, meticulous thirst with the formalities and deadlines: visas, passport, valid for your papers, vaccines, malaria treatment …
6- I can not ever go to a country that is at war or in delicate situation. Verification on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation policy and / or health status of the chosen destination.
7- It would be a shame to spend your honeymoon under heavy rain so inform about weather conditions in the region of your dreams at that time.
8- The tradition would like your lord husband chose the destination and give you the surprise. But increasingly, women do decide between the two. It’s up to you!

On average, a honeymoon costs between 3,000 and 4,000 euros between them.

A honeymoon according to your tastes

1- Dream of a postcard image
The white sand, palm trees, transparent and laze sea, this is your ideal place to satisfy your desires honeymoon recipe.
Bet on the winning horse: Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives and Polynesia. The hospitality is good and accustomed to pamper honeymooners. There you will be treated as nabobs.
The risk: find you surrounded by a cohort of other loving couples!

2- You have mood for adventure
The toes fan out in a hammock, do little to you? Your honeymoon should be a combination of discoveries and activities.
It will drool over a white camel in the desert of Mauritania, a crossing of the Great American West by motorbike, the discovery of Pampa between the Andes and the Atlantic … The world is at your feet and you have the intention to leave couple to conquer.
The risk: return exhausted from your honeymoon!

3- You have a thirst for knowledge
Lovers of architecture, history fans and curious insatiable, I like to contemplate the riches of a city or country, near or far. Gather your ticket for regions with immense cultural heritage: Egypt, Greece, Mexico … or go away to museum cities: London, Rome, Florence, St. Petersburg, New York …
The risk: the impression of not taking much air.
An address that you will like: Voyages Clio

4- What you want it!
A honeymoon is the journey of a lifetime, dream opportunity to enjoy unforgettable. And I weigh costs.
Betting on three major areas like the US and Australia, countries as large and as diverse landscapes that will have the impression of having visited several! Elegid a tourist country but not much, rich in heritage but also to anticipate breaks beaches. Why not Vietnam or combined with Zanzibar Tanzania?
Better yet: I conceited everything with a world tour.
The risk: you have to go away much longer and the pace can be exhausting.

5- Your budget is small
You can get a change of scenery close exoticism and find just a few kilometers. Give priority to agencies specializing in deals or Seize the opportunity to explore cities or corner of Spain you do not know. Why not a theme weekend? Introduction to Wine, relax in a spa, cultural visit …
The risk: being a bit frustrated if you do not you go more than a few days.