You’re going to want to make sure your ring is a good match for your partner’s style and budget. It is your only piece of jewelry that she’ll wear for life, so it is important to select the right material. Before choosing the right wedding ring sets Williamsburg, VA, talk with your partner about what metals she already wears. Is her jewelry yellow gold, for instance? Does she have an elaborate white watch? You can always compromise by picking a combination of metals.

Mixing and matching styles

Traditional pairings for wedding bands and engagement rings feature identical metal and band thickness and coordinating diamond detailing. While some couples still prefer this traditional pairing, more brides are opting for less-matchy combinations. Platinum looks equally beautiful stacked above a rose gold band, for example. Stackable bands are also a current trend. The key is to choose wedding rings that complement each other, not clash.

Try mixing different metals for your engagement and wedding rings for a modern, trendy look. While some brides prefer the diamond to take center stage, others want to add color and pattern. A Sculpted Crescent wedding band, for example, can feature gemstones or even statement black diamonds. Stacking wedding bands can also create a rainbow effect and incorporate the something blue trend. These trends are becoming increasingly popular, and mixing metals can be a great way to get a beautiful look for your engagement and wedding.

Taking your partner’s style into account

While tradition dictates that a bride wear two rings on her wedding day, it’s increasingly common to find a couple wearing identical rings. Matching rings highlight the unity of marriage. However, it’s also common to find an individual ring that suits the style and personality of your partner. Finding the right wedding band for your partner will open possibilities!

Taking your partner’s style into consideration when choosing a wedding ring set can seem daunting. To figure out your partner’s preferences, start by looking at their other jewelry. Most people engaged or thinking about marriage have left hints on social media about their style. Pinterest and Instagram are two places to look for clues. When in doubt, go with your instinct.

Considering your budget

When you’re getting married, your finances start to merge. You’re likely already up to your neck in student loan debt, and you’ll have a new spouse to consider. While there are many ways to save money before you get married, you may want to consider your budget first. If you’re a young professional, you’re likely already strapped for cash, so consider cutting back on unnecessary expenses before deciding on a wedding ring set.

A wedding ring set can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to over two thousand dollars. A simple gold wedding band can be a couple of hundred dollars, while an eternity ring with diamonds can cost upwards of $2,000 or more. If your budget is smaller, consider buying a band made from an alternative material like titanium or stainless steel for a fraction of the price. Also, consider the type of lifestyle your partner leads. For example, if you are a very active individual, a more durable metal will be better.

Considering your lifestyle

While selecting a wedding band, you should take into account your lifestyle. If you are an athlete or a hands-on type, you may want to consider a tungsten or titanium band, which is resistant to scratches and bends. If you lead an active lifestyle, you may want to consider a wedding ring set with channel-set gemstones. Experts suggest you consider these factors before selecting a wedding ring set.