Whether you’ve always considered yourself an entrepreneur or you recently discovered a gap in a market that you can fill with a product, there are a few things you should know before starting your own manufacturing business. Consider the tips below as you embark upon the journey of becoming a business owner.

1. Understand the Market

If you plan to manufacture your own products, conduct some market research to ensure the market is not currently flooded with similar goods. Without adequate knowledge of the industry market, you may unknowingly infringe upon another business’s intellectual property or be stuck attempting to sell a product that is comparable to others.

2. Develop a Budget

Starting your own company takes more than an exciting product or service. It also takes a lot of hard work and budgeting. You need to budget for everything from staff to production machinery, such as an industrial mixer or blender. You must know how you plan to pay for the startup and operations for a year or more when you will hopefully begin to turn a healthy profit. Do you have the cash saved to get your company going, or will you need to leverage assets or take out loans? Consider all of these options before officially beginning operations.

3. Know What’s Legal

Running a manufacturing plant means needing to meet certain minimum health and safety requirements. You must understand what these requirements are before putting your factory together in order to ensure it will be up to code. Additionally, there could be trade secrets and waste disposal laws to contend with. Consider consulting with an attorney to ensure your business won’t be in violation of any laws.

Creating your own business involves a lot of moving parts. Keep the three tips above in mind to help you as you begin this exciting part of your life.