Are you tired of having the same boring birthday parties? Instead of going to a restaurant and celebrating, consider changing the location. Here are some fun places you can have your birthday party at.

Amusement Park

No one ever said that amusement parks are only for children! If you love to go on the rides and explore the game booths, then you should have your party at your favorite amusement park. You could even make it extra fun by getting shirts made up for everyone attending, so they can be easily identified, and it will also serve as a fun souvenir.

Before heading to the park, decide if you want to split up into groups and see different areas of the park or if you want to stay together. If you choose to split up, choose a time to meet back up for lunch so you can catch up on how the day has gone for everyone.

Cigar Bar

If your favorite pastime is hanging out and smoking a cigar, then you should think about having your birthday party at a cigar bar. Check with them ahead of time to see if they can provide food or if you can bring it in yourself. Also, ask the employees at the bar to recommend a bottle of alcohol to go along with the cigar and enhance its taste. For example, many cigar aficionados believe that cognac and bourbon go the best with Kiev cigars.

You should also contact the cigar bar ahead of time and ask if they can have people there to roll cigars for the party. The guests will get a kick out of seeing the process in action, and the cigars will be the freshest you’ve ever had.

Cooking Class

For a good time with your friends, work with a local chef to do a cooking class. You could have the chef come to your home to do the class, or go to their restaurant. You could do a recipe you’ve always wanted to try, and you might even be able to make your birthday cake.