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10 tips of good wedding photography

1. A wedding is a social event with more cameras per square meter, so no choice but to surprise boyfriends when they see our photos. From the makeup of the bride to the dancing couple, field work can take us 10 to 12 hours, and if you’re not passionate about doing, we will be unable to transmit anything new.


2. Contact with the bride and groom before the wedding is essential. While it is likely that the couple has already reviewed our previous work -that must have a web in a position, of course, meet our style, we must create a climate of trust so that when the day, nobody feels strange. It is at the previous meeting when the photographic part of the wedding is planned to avoid having to improvise during the story. You can check the tips for beginners photography as well.


3. If we are confident and comfortable with the type of photography you do, try to convey this idea to the couple. There is nothing worse than imposing the kind of photos you should do couple. Bookmark and defend our own style is the only way to differentiate ourselves.


4. Although it may sound like a worn cliché, those of us have seen this over many years which is usually the bride showing more interest in the photographic reportage. Therefore, it is not more feminine provide some insight into the story, trying to capture the story from the point of view of it.

5. The technique is basic, but sometimes we obsessed to the point of getting lost many times. If we consider work as wedding photojournalists, we can not pass any of these moments. Anyway, needless to say it is convenient to work in RAW format: the possibilities of retouching in post are enormous.

6. We must seek and be aware of the emotional moments. Often there is a stereotype of photos that same photographer is imposed as mandatory, as the signature of witnesses. However, the time is perfect for pictures of parents congratulating her children. Yes, it is important to warn before the couple and agree with them that will have to sacrifice some time for others who may consider most important.

7. We all know the maxim photography is light. Unable to lead a complex lighting equipment for each scene, we must be very attentive to the possibilities offered by sunlight during the interview.

8. It is a matter of taste, but to avoid the use of flash in the church or venue where the wedding (a good way to go unnoticed and capture the ambient light) to be held is essential shoot with wide apertures. Obviously, the type of optics that allow it are not cheap, but investing in good targets necessary to engage in this type of photography.

9. You have to practice and prepare the most complicated situations. All photographers have a scene or type of lighting that always gives us problems. The day and the wedding is not the best time to practice or experience, so we’d better make previous exercises with our camera, rehearsing for those times.

10. Although not the photos that we like to do, snapshots group (the bride and groom with guests) are also very important in the story. Therefore, try to be as creative as possible, with these shots.

Photo: pixabay.com

Tips for beginners and wedding photography

Intrusion, a word that unfortunately professionals know better than I wanted. Like any other profession or maybe something more accentuated, photography has seen the crisis many fans threw themselves into the adventure. The current prices are not prohibitive SLR cameras, shooting in digital does not mean spending than in analogue and with a bit of banter back and edit not very good pictures can be saved. And if we also add the economic situation, then clearly who can not afford the cost of a documentary made ​​by a professional will have to opt for these alternatives if you like, and is entitled, having their photos.


All it shows more so when it comes to weddings. For these important events many choose one of these photographers or directly facing a family member or friend fan photos photography. As everything is a personal matter, I do not cherish if you do good or evil. I certainly opt for a professional for that day, did not want to risk not be aware whether he was doing right or wrong.

Anyway if you decide that a relative, friend or even an amateur photographer I make pictures for your wedding or you who will make here are one series of tips so that there is everything in a perched looking at the camera and lacks naturalness.

Tips for Wedding Photography

Make wedding photos should be no different to any other mode. The only downside is that here the moments are not repeated. The embrace of the bride with her ​​father before leaving for church or venue, the look of a mother to her child or a kiss between the bride and groom are things that can not be repeated. Therefore, some basic tips:

  • Be prepared team, the goal you will use and camera settings for the location.White balance control, measurement type, manual or auto focus, ISO , etc. Would not be the first time the emotion of the moment you stop to shoot through the viewfinder and our SLR fine but when we visualize … horror !!! The shutter speed was high and photos have gone dark or too low and are moved.
  • Be creative.Do not force with ridiculous postures. Photography girlfriend while, looking out the window, take a deep breath prepares to fight nerves, smiles at her mother … These situations are then transmitted the feelings that emerge these days.
  • Play with the elements that surround you.A reflection in a glass, mirror or furniture around you may be perfect for a different, attractive composition. There are elements that can even help as a framework to compose the shot.
  • Do not disturb the couple with continuous requests.That was one of my requests. When I hired my photographer I told him I wanted everything to be natural. Not having the feeling after the photo was prepared. For something and make a post wedding if wanted. That day was to enjoy and photos should be a fun time.
  • In planning care to daylight hours.Care for the time you spend on each picture in each location as may be to reach the final exterior either after dark.
  • Shoot inRAW, you will have more leeway if the settings were not correct.

There are many important points like having a camera if the principal fails, several cards, batteries, flash … Likewise also other technical but these are known to practice, with many sessions, based on mistakes in some cases and observation learning in others. Although the internet we can find photos for inspiration .

My last tip, has more to do with the very ethics of each, if you think I you are not prepared as much as you like and you well be sincere and advised the couple to hire a professional or seek someone else.