Every bride wants to look their very best in the photographs taken on their wedding day. This occasion is one of the few times you have the chance to wear a stunning gown and attract all sorts of attention. Therefore, looking great is essential. These handy tips will help you achieve a memorable day with little effort.

Find A Skilled Makeup Artist

While many brides may consider doing their own make up on their wedding day as a way to save money, this may not always be the right decision. Spending a bit extra to secure the services of a professional makeup artist can help ensure that you are wearing products that truly suit your skin tone and that flatter your face in photographs. In addition, professionals will use high-end foundations and eye make up that will last longer than your normal every day make up which will save time having to keep touching up your make up throughout the day and evening instead of celebrating.

Keep Lip Color Close At Hand

It is virtually impossible to prevent your lip color from fading at least a little bit as you go about the activities of your wedding day. In order to make certain that your lips are beautifully defined in every photo, consider popping a tube of gloss or lipstick into your floral bouquet so it is never far away.

Consider A Photo Shoot In Advance Of The Wedding

Consider scheduling a photo session with your wedding photographer ahead of the big day. You will feel much more familiar and comfortable with your chosen professional and will be able to relax when it comes time to take pictures on the actual day. The difference can be truly remarkable, and the time spent will not be wasted.

Have Faith In Your Photographer

No two faces or figures are the same, and a skilled photographer will know how best to flatter every type of subject. The professional you have selected will have the ability to put you into poses and get the best possible angles on your face to guarantee terrific images. Therefore, do not hesitate to listen to what your photographer tells you and take their stage direction seriously.

Men, Empty Your Pockets!

Something that far too many grooms and groomsmen overlook on the day of the wedding is the need to empty their pockets. Nobody wants wedding photos in which all of the men have strange bulges in their pants pockets. Make sure to find a safe place to keep any essential items during the wedding as well as the reception so that every photograph is as sleek as possible.

Pay Attention To Posture

The importance of good posture in wedding photos cannot be overstated. Even if you are wearing the most elegant attire and have the very best hair and makeup, if you are slouching, the entire shot will be ruined. Work on standing up straight and keeping your shoulders back. Consciously tip your chin slightly upward, and you will achieve a slim, streamlined appearance. There is nothing wrong with practicing your posture well in advance of the wedding so that it all feels entirely natural once the photographer starts snapping away.

Natural Light Is Your Friend

When dressing on the morning of the wedding, make certain to identify a room bathed in natural light. This type of lighting is ideal for ensuring that your skin looks perfect in photographs and your makeup goes on in an exquisite, flawless manner.

Do Less Posing

When confronted by someone with a camera, many people have a natural instinct to stop what they are doing and pose in a stilted, formal manner. However, it is often the more candid shots which have the most appeal. Natural reactions and expressions are great for capturing the true mood of the day and will form the basis of memorable images to last a lifetime.

Take Advantage Of The ‘Golden Hour’

Every photographer knows this, but make sure you are aware of the stunning natural light offered just before sunset. The atmosphere at this time of day makes for romantic, dreamlike images you will certainly want to have in your finished album. Taking just a small amount of time to take advantage of these magical moments can pay real dividends.

Consult With Your DJ

Prior to hitting the floor for your first dance as husband and wife, make sure your DJ knows to turn off any strobe or spotlights. That way, you will avoid having strangely colored lights and shapes in photographs of this special moment.