From the moment you get engaged, you probably start dreaming of what your wedding day would look like. As soon as you begin planning, you’ll realise that you have a long way to go before you can wear your dream dress while walking down the aisle. Planning a wedding is a tedious job, especially if you do it independently. With so many things going on before a wedding, you might get lost in the chaos and forget little things or overlook big tasks. These instances are unavoidable. However, you can make yourself more at ease by making a checklist of all you need to accomplish. You have to share your list with your partner and the people helping you to ensure that you are all on the same page.

We’re sure you already have an ongoing checklist for your wedding day, so we compiled some of the often overlooked things during wedding planning.

Prepare printed items

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, printed items are crucial to ensure that the wedding and the days leading to your big day run smoothly. So don’t forget to check your printed things like the save-the-dates cards, invitations, menus, place cards, cake bags, thank-you notes, and many more! You can use these printed items to add your personal touch without much effort. Also, invest in personalised stationery sets that will make your preparations easier.

Specific information about the venue

Your venue is one of the most vital parts of your wedding. You have made reservations and talked about the floor plan and design. However, you also need to ask for specific information for your and your guests’ sake. For instance, ask if the venue has disability access for friends and families using wheelchairs. You might also want to ask for safety protocols in case of emergencies. Identify the fire exits and let your guests know about them, too. Is the venue child friendly? Does it allow candles? Or loud music? Imagine what you want to do during your wedding ceremony and reception and ask if they are allowed in the venue to avoid mishaps on your big day.

Consider the transportation and traffic flow

When deciding your logistics for the day, consider the usual traffic flow around those areas and adjust your schedule accordingly to avoid delays. Ensure that the bridal car, honeymoon car, groom car, and other ceremonial cars are ready. You can also make arrangements for free shuttles to accommodate your elderly relatives or guests with no transportation.

Remind the key people

There are times when something so important will slip your mind, especially if you are experiencing wedding jitters. This can happen during the preparations. Remind the people that will play critical roles on your wedding day. The officiant, emcee, ushers, photographers, and your entourage are some people you have to remind a few days before the wedding day.

Final thoughts

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. Of course, it is normal to feel stressed and pressured during the preparations, but you can lessen the mishaps on the big day by making a comprehensive checklist.