After the bride, it’s the flower girl who’s most likely to draw admiring “oohs” and “awws” from wedding guests. It’s only the bride who can hope to compete with the epic cuteness of children, especially when they’re dressed up in something fancy and fetching for a wedding.

But winter weddings present special challenges. It’s cold and if you’re marrying in a church or other religious community building, it may be a bit chilly in some larger spaces that have high ceilings. That brings us to our first tip for dressing your little flower girl for a winter wedding.

1.  Keep Her Warm

The problem with fancy girl dresses for weddings is that they tend to be made from lightweight, gauzy fabrics. Many are sleeveless. Gauzy, sleeveless dresses are not generally associated with winter. But if it’s the right dress for your flower girl, your little one can still wear it and stay nice and cozy.

Throw a long-sleeve shrug over the dress for a snuggly look.  Amp up your shrug by creating a faux fur collar. You get extra points for a velvet shrug, adding elegance and warmth to your flower girl’s ensemble. Add tights and lace-up, Victorian-style boots, and faux-fur trimmed gloves, and complete the look with a velvet beret. You can even add a pom-pom to the beret with the fake fur you used for the collar. Voila! You have a warm, toasty flower girl looking like a Currier and Ives print!

kid ready for wedding

2.  Add Something Special

It’s important to remember that the flower girl may be a little nervous about her wedding role. Your wedding may be the very first time she’s been in the spotlight. Be her best friend. Spend some time with her. Go on a “best friends” date to lunch, a museum, or an art gallery.

As part of your date, present your adorable flower girl with something special to wear on the big day or to cherish as a keepsake. Jewelry immediately comes to mind but your special thing could be as simple as a wristlet purse to wear to the reception or to stuff with rose petals to gently pave the bride’s way down the aisle. Or choose a daintily nostalgic charm bracelet with starter charms that commemorate the wedding day.

Whatever you choose, it will fill your flower girl with appreciation and create an indelible bond with you. She’ll never forget the bride who made her feel like the most important flower girl in the world.

3.  Dress Her Hair Beautifully

Whether you’re topping your flower girl’s outfit with a velvet beret or not, her hair should reflect the glory of her gown. The flower girl is the last person to walk down the aisle before the bride, acting as the bride’s herald and signaling her breathlessly awaited arrival.

Winter demands creativity with flowers, adding seasonal greenery like sprigs of cedar or silver dollar eucalyptus. A french braid down the back of the flower girl’s head can be trimmed with stems of greenery, accented by baby’s breath and mistletoe. Or you might prefer to use winter flowers.  Make your flower girl a wintery crown of seasonal greenery tied with satin bows for a romantic, old-fashioned touch.

4.  Collaborate with Her

kids wedding preparation

Brides take many approaches to dress the wedding party. Some choose the color of bridesmaids’ dresses, with bridesmaids selecting a variety of styles in that specific shade. Others choose the dress, sizing it to their bridesmaids. But the flower girl is a special case!

The flower girl is a child who has most likely never been involved in a highly orchestrated, carefully planned affair. When you invite your flower girl to fulfill the role, choose a day to go and select the dress she’ll wear. Be sure to show her the dresses the bridesmaids will be wearing and most importantly, your dress. She’ll be over the moon to be included in the preparations and even more excited by the prospect of choosing her own dress!

Your adorable flower girl will learn so much about accessorizing from you. And in the end, she’ll wear her petite gown with pride and ownership, knowing she played a part in making her wedding look happen. Don’t forget to make your flower girl dress selection as close to the wedding day as possible, or order the dress a little larger to compensate for their growth before the wedding. Kids grow fast and you don’t want your flower girl outgrowing her special dress before your wedding day!

Part of the bride’s role in preparing for her wedding is to share the joy of this huge life event with friends and family. And the flower girl should be included in that as much as possible. Children love a good party and the flower girl’s big moment is something she’ll hold in her heart forever. So, make it a special time for both of you, creating a beloved memory like no other.