If you still decide on wedding hairstyle that will accompany your wedding dress, we present the types of ponytails that may work for an important occasion.

If the wedding have not yet set to take the hair, in this article I want to present the types of ponytails that can function as bridal hairstyle.

It is well known that the bridal hairstyle most commonly used is the bun. However, nowadays the range of options available to brides to choose a look that matches your personality and style is very wide. If for such an important day want a hairstyle that is not fully retracted and have hair medium to long, a ponytail they can work perfectly With what is left?

The first type of ponytail as bridal hairstyle that I present is classical, ie, one that goes to a high height or half a head, fully polished head and ironed.

You can also opt for a ponytail as bridal hairstyle but placed low form, ie the height ever. This hairstyle can experience using curl and / or rolled.

Another style ponytail that works great as bridal hairstyle are those that are carried sideways. There are several styles: with volume, romantic, modern, simple, polished, disheveled etc.

If your look is characterized by being more relaxed and natural recommend you choose as bridal hairstyle disheveled tail of horse.

Finally, if you are undecided about girlfriends because they choose to mix styles and a ponytail and braid hairstyle girlfriend.