1- You are not obliged to spend est all your savings to enjoy an adventure. More and more often put on the wedding list your honeymoon.
2- To choose your destiny, there are 3 factors: the budget, the time you disposition, and your preferences!
3- When you reserve your journey, precise that it is a honeymoon. Os you can benefit from some interesting advantages: the class of airplane, significant reductions offered tours or transfers, VIP treatment …
4- care when you reserve a honeymoon. Usually have a year to do it. Otherwise, you risk losing certain advantages related to your status “Honeymooners.”
5- Before embarking on the other side of the world, meticulous thirst with the formalities and deadlines: visas, passport, valid for your papers, vaccines, malaria treatment …
6- I can not ever go to a country at war or in a delicate situation. Verification on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation policy and/or health status of the chosen destination.
7- It would be a shame to spend your honeymoon under heavy rain, so inform about weather conditions in the region of your dreams at that time.
8- The tradition would like your lord husband to choose the destination and give you the surprise. But increasingly, women do decide between the two. It’s up to you!

On average, a honeymoon costs between 3,000 and 4,000 euros.

A honeymoon according to your tastes

1- Dream of a postcard image
The white sand, palm trees, transparent and laze sea, this is your ideal place to satisfy your honeymoon recipe.
Bet on the winning horse: Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, and Polynesia. The hospitality is good and accustomed to pampering honeymooners. There you will be treated as nabobs.
The risk: find you surrounded by a cohort of other loving couples!

2- You have a mood for adventure
The toes fan out in a hammock, do little to you? Your honeymoon should be a combination of discoveries and activities.
It will drool over a white camel in the desert of Mauritania, a crossing of the Great American West by motorbike, the discovery of Pampa between the Andes and the Atlantic … The world is at your feet, and you have the intention to leave the couple to conquer.
The risk: return exhausted from your honeymoon!

3- You have a thirst for knowledge
Lovers of architecture, history fans, and curious insatiable, I like to contemplate the riches of a city or country, near or far. Gather your ticket for regions with immense cultural heritage: Egypt, Greece, Mexico … or go away to museum cities: London, Rome, Florence, St. Petersburg, New York …
The risk: the impression of not taking much air.
An address that you will like: Voyages Clio

4- What you want it!
A honeymoon is the journey of a lifetime, a dream opportunity to enjoy unforgettably. And I weigh costs.
Betting on three major areas like the US and Australia, countries as large and as diverse landscapes will have the impression of having visited several! Elegy a tourist country but not much, rich in heritage but also to anticipate breaks beaches. Why not Vietnam or combined with Zanzibar Tanzania?
Better yet: I conceited everything with a world tour.
The risk: you have to go away much longer, and the pace can be exhausting.

5- Your budget is small
You can get a change of scenery close to exoticism and find just a few kilometers. Give priority to agencies specializing in deals or Seize the opportunity to explore cities or corners of Spain you do not know. Why not a theme weekend? Introduction to Wine, relax in a spa, cultural visit …
The risk: being a bit frustrated if you do not, you go more than a few days.