Your loved one’s birthday is coming up, and you’re at a loss about a gift. Trinkets and gift cards are fine, but they aren’t very exciting. You want something different that will be a real treat. Read on for some ideas.

A Gift Basket

Consider building a unique gift basket that reflects your loved one’s interests. A coffee lover would greatly enjoy a selection of flavored coffees, a new mug, some biscotti and a book about this favorite beverage. A voracious reader would appreciate a combination of the latest book in a beloved series, a personal library kit, a set of colorful bookmarks, book-themed socks and a sweet treat. There are endless possibilities

A Day Out

Sometimes the best gift you can give is your time. Plan a day out for you and your loved one. You could go to a museum, a movie or a sporting event. You might spend the whole day working on a craft project or get a makeover at a hair salon Chesapeake VA. Grab some lunch along the way (or munch on snacks throughout the day), and let the conversation flourish.

A Fun Evening

If you or your loved one can’t get away for an entire day, at least spend a fun evening together. Play board games and munch on popcorn, or pull out old photo albums to reminisce and laugh. You might even just sit and listen to music and chat. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you spend quality time together.

A Personalized Scrapbook

Finally, you could put together a personalized scrapbook for your loved one. You probably have plenty of photos, so choose some with a particular theme or from a specific era, and get creative. Add colorful embellishments and funny captions to each page. Your loved one will greatly enjoy both the memories and your effort.

A birthday gift for a loved one shouldn’t be routine. Instead, make a real, unique treat, and turn it into a new memory to share.