Many of us have had some wonderful moments and memories in our lives that we would love to preserve. These memories are often a source of comfort when life can feel difficult or is not going as well as it should, and are wonderful to reminisce about with loved ones too.

This is why personalized gifts are in a league of their own.

If you are looking to give someone a personalized gift, but want a bit of inspiration, then this is the piece for you. Read on for a list of some great gift ideas.

A Personalized Notebook

One for the writers in your life, a personalized notebook is a great gift to anyone who loves to put pen to paper. Not only is a this a decent low-cost option, but you can also adjust the varying levels of personalization to suit your recipient. This could be anything from just a simple name engraving to a personalized front and back cover. If you truly want to go the extra mile, consider a personalized pen, too, for good measure.

A Special T-Shirt Blanket

Getting t-shirt blankets made is especially sweet if you are looking to use old sentimental t-shirts instead of throwing them away. This personalized process combines any and every t-shirt you have to create a unique blanket that you can give as a present or keep for yourself. This can make an excellent “good luck” or “miss you” gift for children who are leaving home for college, or even a unique wedding present.

Personalized Chocolate

For those who have a particularly sweet tooth, customized chocolate and sweets make a solid gift choice even better. You can either get your hands on personalized chocolate bars or create your own, choose a customized jar of candy, or go the extra mile and get a personalized box of chocolates! Your recipient will be sure to love the extra effort and the customized twist.

A Customized Bookmark

If you have an avid bookworm in your life who still enjoys paperback, then a personalized bookmark will make a wonderful gift idea. You could customize a bookmark with almost anything, especially if you want to make it yourself! If you are sending it off to be made professionally, the recipient’s name is always a good bet. However, if you want to do a gift that’s a little more special, maybe think about what their favorite books or quotes are, and have a design inspired on those!

Personalized Slippers

A great option for the homebodies, personalized slippers offer the comfy lifestyle that plenty of us have come to love. If you know someone who works from home and is now a firm fan of comfort wear, then adding some personalized slippers to their kit is sure to get you some brownie points. Slippers are also an easy gift to pair with other items such as coffee, snacks, chocolate, or skincare if you want to add more.

Whatever you choose to personalize, your recipient is sure to be grateful for the extra effort you have put in.